Best wireless dog fence

Top wireless dog fences to protect your dog

We all love dogs. Dog owners care for their pets as their children. In that case, protection and safety will be their top priority. A wireless dog fence is one of the devices to keep your dog safe and within boundaries. Dogs are rebellious and curious by nature. They want to explore the world around them. They often stray and go around the neighborhood for fun or even for searching for food etc. But as dog owners, we know that you might worry about their safety when they wander off in the neighborhood. You should protect your pet at all costs. So, keeping them in a safe enclosed environment should be your primary concern as a dog owner. Although dogs love to go for a walk and stray around, protection is a must. 

A wireless fence for your dog is an excellent choice for dog owners who want to have freedom but also want to have designated boundaries. These are harmless fences and use negative reinforcements to keep your dogs from going outside. A small electric shock will keep them intact when they try to move out. When it comes to wireless fences, they are two main classifications: truly wireless and semi wireless. Semiwireless works on antenna and receiver collar whereas fully wireless use radio transmitters. Both are being used by many dog owners worldwide, and you can choose either of them according to your purpose. There are plenty of choices out there which can be a hectic task to choose the right one for your home. That's why we have compiled a list of some of the best wireless dog fences on the market. 

Best wireless dog fences:

  1. PetSafe Wireless Fence Pet Containment System 1/2 Acre
  2. PetSafe Stay and Play Wireless Dog Fence
  3. Sit Boo-Boo Unseen Hidden Electric Dog Fence.
  4. SpotOn Virtual Smart Fence
  5. Perimeter Technologies PTPCC-200NW Basic Ultra Comfort Contain System
  6. Pet Control HQ Dog Containment System Wireless Perimeter

1. PetSafe Wireless Fence Pet Containment System 1/2 Acre

Best "value for money" wireless fence for your dog's protection. 

This PetSafe wireless fence can cover up to ½ acres of land from the transmitter. There is no digging necessary, and your dog will be safe within the confined area. Unlike other in-ground fences, this allows your pet to return home without any correction. This wireless fence is easy to set up and easily portable. The PetSafe fence is suitable for people going on vacation and picnics too. This will keep your dog within boundaries, and you don't have to worry about your dog going missing. Keep the transmitter in an elevated place for better signals. Avoid keeping your transmitter near huge electronic devices like a fridge or TV etc. 

You get a waterproof collar with this wireless pet fence. This collar is compatible with all PetSafe wireless fences. The collar is suitable for dogs over 8 pounds, and the collar inches is 6-28 inches, and you can adjust them as required. Keep one finger gap while tying your dog's collar and remove immediately if your dog has any rashes or skin irritation. The collar battery can last up to 2 months before the low battery indicator shows up. Train your dog with the 5 level static and make them stay indoors. Once your dog goes out of the boundary by any mistake, you will receive a warning sound that will alert you. 

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PetSafe Wireless Fence Pet Containment System, Covers up to 1/2 Acre, for Dogs over 8 lb, Waterproof Receiver with Tone / Static Correction - From The Parent Company of INVISIBLE FENCE Brand PetSafe Wireless Pet Fence Products Pet Supplies

  • 1/2 ACRE OF CIRCULAR COVERAGE: The adjustable circular range can cover up to 1/2 acres from the placement of the portable indoor transmitter
  • NO WIRE TO BURY: A wireless boundary allows you to create a secure barrier around your yard to protect your pets without the time or hassle of burying wires
  • STATIC-FREE REENTRY: Unlike traditional in-ground fences, this wireless fence allows your pet to return home without being corrected if your pet passes the boundary
  • SIMPLE... Read More

2. PetSafe Stay and Play Wireless Dog Fence

Best wireless dog fence with great control options. 

Another incredible alternative from Petsafe, this wireless fence framework, is intended to be convenient. It very well may be utilized at home, in an RV, or elsewhere that approaches power. PetSafe can reach out the range up to 105 feet. The framework accompanies a solitary collar that has a battery-powered battery. The battery can last as long as three weeks on an alone charge. 

If you have numerous canines, limitless chokers can be added to the framework. The collar has 5 degrees of adjustment and a tone-just preparing mode.

Past what you'd typically expect regarding numerous rectification levels and a "tone in particular" setting, the Stay and Play include without static reemergence. Albeit this framework has a lower powerful reach than some tantamount wireless canine fences, it's an excellent decision for a proprietor on a careful spending plan. The wireless collar is compelling. In case you're searching for a savvy approach to defining limits in a more modest patio, this unit is strongly suggested. The fence is easy to set up and does not require professionals. You can set it up yourself. But keep them at least 3 feet away from heavy metal objects. 

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PetSafe Stay & Play Compact Wireless Fence – No Wire to Bury – Our Smallest Transmitter – Covers 3/4-Acre – For Dogs 5 lbs & Up – Rechargeable Collar – From the Parent Company of INVISIBLE FENCE Brand PetSafe Wireless Pet Fence Products Pet Supplies

  • 3/4 ACRE OF CIRCULAR COVERAGE: The adjustable circular range allows up to 3/4-acre of coverage (22-105 feet in all directions) from the placement of the indoor transmitter
  • NO WIRE TO BURY: A wireless boundary allows you to create a safe barrier around your yard to protect your pets without spending time burying wires
  • 5 LEVELS OF CORRECTION: The system features 5 levels of static correction plus a tone-only mode
  • STATIC-FREE REENTRY: Allows your pet to return home wi... Read More

3. Sit Boo-Boo Unseen Hidden Electric Dog Fence

Best budget-friendly electric dog fence

Sit Boo-Boo Advanced In-Ground Electric Dog Fence is a remarkable best-in-class model. In case you're weary of your canine violating its limits and crossing paths with your neighbors, this is a model that is justified even despite your time. Nonetheless, it's also reasonable to note that this specific model is intended to work with a solitary canine instead of numerous pets. It ought to likewise be noticed that this is no conventional "one size fits all" model. The Sit Boo-Boo model is in effect intensely publicized as the "solitary" electrified barrier framework that is explicitly intended to auto-change itself to the individual pet. This is accomplished by utilizing a blend of vibration, static, and electric stun. 

As the wireless canine fence's pet proprietors and proprietors, you can change the unit to give your canine an assortment of caution sounds and discipline stuns. Pet proprietors can choose the stun's specific seriousness to relate with exactly how regularly your dog decides to overlook the warnings conveyed by the unit. Its scope of adaptability and extra included highlights put this model well above other practically identical companies. The Sit Boo-Boo model is an uncommon illustration of a framework that does all that its sponsor claims it does. Thus, we firmly prescribe this unit to canine proprietors who want a definitive in the best-in-class limit authorization.

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Sit Boo-Boo Electric Fence Advanced - Latest All Weather Pet Containment System - In Ground & Above Ground Installation - IPV7 Waterproof Collar for Pets Over 10lbs Sit Boo-Boo Pet Supplies

  • ELECTRIC DOG FENCE w/500 ft of industrial grade SOLID COPPER CORE WIRE. Can expand up to 20 acres of land
  • WORKS IN FREEZING & BELOW ZERO TEMPERATURES PLUS 100% WATERPROOF - WEATHERPROOF IPV7 RATED COLLARS Completely submergible up to 3ft – Snow, Rain and muddy puddles are no problem for this rugged collar.
  • SUPPORTS UNLIMITED NUMBER OF COLLARS - Find additional colla... Read More

4. PetSafe YardMax Cordless In-Ground

Best smart fence for all kinds of households. 

The PetSafe YardMax is helpful and dependable for setting up your pet's limits outside. As we'll talk about adding in a moment, its cordless plan makes introducing your in-ground canine fence as simple as putting the wire. This cutting-edge fencing framework incorporates fine limit wire to encase yards up to 1/3 of a section of land. On the off chance that you have a more oversized yard, it's no issue – the framework is expandable up to 1.4 units of land with the acquisition of extra wire. What makes this in-ground invisible canine fence so incredible is that it's a cordless regulation framework.

There's no compelling reason to penetrate openings in your divider or apparatus up indiscriminate havens to house your base station outside as the force is provided by batteries housed in the waterproof transmitter. You can continue repeating costs somewhere near getting a bunch of rechargeables. With an expected 9 to a year for every charge, you'll get a full season's utilization without a concern. PetSafe is a setup pioneer in the realm of the invisible canine wall, and with the YardMax, you'll get all the advantages of an electric canine fence framework, to say the very least. In case you're searching for a straightforward and powerful approach to define your pet's limits, then the YardMax is precisely the thing you're searching for. Attempt it today, and see why pet proprietors the nation over trust are PetSafe.

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PetSafe YardMax Battery-Operated In-Ground Dog Fence - Cordless Transmitter for Easy DIY - Waterproof and Rechargeable Collar for Dogs 5lb & Up - from The Parent Company of Invisible Fence Brand PetSafe Pet Supplies

  • WATERPROOF, BATTERY POWERED TRANSMITTER: The YardMax Cordless In-Ground Fence Transmitter can be conveniently placed anywhere in your yard; requires 10 D cell batteries (not included)
  • MORE PLAY AREA FOR YOUR PETS: The YardMax Cordless In-Ground Fence provides your pets with up to 30% more yard space than other fences; add an unlimited number of pets with additional collar purchases
  • RECHARGEABLE AND WATERPROOF COLLAR: The receiver collar quickly charges in just 2-3 hours; cha... Read More

5. Perimeter Technologies PTPCC-200NW Basic Ultra Comfort Contain System

Best overall comfort dog fence on the market. 

The following up would be the Perimeter brand. On the off chance that you would see, these are the top brands that in every case spring up on Amazon when you search for the wireless canine walls. All in all, these three brands are first-rate on the lookout. Clients have high respect for these brands' quality things. Edge makes it to the rundown of top wireless canine fence brands on Amazon due to its moderate yet quality items. 

Like the other two brands, Perimeter likewise has an assortment of items for pet proprietors to browse. There are In-Ground Dog Fences and Wireless Dog Fence Systems to offer better assistance to canine proprietors. One of the things, the Perimeter Technologies Wire-Free Dog Fence, has a wi-fi-empowered framework that is one of its sorts. The bundle accompanies a transmitter, a collector collar, a charger, and a CD for the client's manual. Border likewise sells frill parts for the wireless canine walls. Along these lines, if you run out of provisions, you can generally get new stocks.

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Perimeter Technologies PTPCC-200NW Basic Ultra Comfort Contain System No Wire Home Improvement

  • 12X BATTERY CHECK - monitors the status of the training collar battery every two hours, eliminating false low battery indications saving you both time and money.
  • TEMP CHECK - keeps the fence field stable and in the same location when outside temperatures change
  • This system does not include wire
  • WIRE CHECK - automatically compensates for wire problems and adjusts the amount of signal power to ensure the fence boundary remains in a constant location (no system can co... Read More

6. Pet Control HQ Dog Containment System Wireless Perimeter

Best long-range wireless dog fence for your home. 

The new Wireless Combo Electric Dog Fence might be somewhat pricier than most tantamount models. Be that as it may, its exceptionally flexible scope of highlights makes it justified even despite the venture. As canine proprietors, our fundamental concern is to keep our canines securely inside the limits that we set for them. This new unit accomplishes that reason in a compassionate and exceptionally successful design. This wireless restraint preparing framework can give numerous dogs a successful exercise in acquiescence – up to 3 all at once. 

The collector restraint will be changed following an assortment of stun levels, so you should not stress over giving excessively high of a stun to a pet that just every so often disrupts the guidelines. The unit contains only shy of 500 feet of completely movable 13 measure limit wire. This will keep your canines contained inside an enormous enough surface to allow them to move about soundly. The actual collar is waterproof. Pups can even swim for as long as 30 minutes with the restraint on. As verified over, this specific Wireless Combo Electric Dog Fence is somewhat on the expensive side. Yet, on the off chance that you care enough to jump on the best, this is one unit that will demonstrate very convenient for quite a long time to come.

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Pet Control HQ Wireless Remote Training Pet Containment System - Safe Rechargeable, Waterproof Dog Shock Collar (1 or 2) with Electric Dog Fence Wire Boundary - Above or Underground Fence for Dogs Pet Control HQ Pet Supplies

  • WIRELESS REMOTE & CUSTOM WIRED ELECTRIC FENCE FOR ANY YARD: Pet parents with large yards and complicated spaces say this combination of a wireless remote pet training system and custom above or below ground wired dog fence design. Dog Owners say the wire fence gives them peace of mind that their best friend has up to 10 acres of safe roaming if extra wire ordered for bigger perimeter
  • DUAL ZONE PET CONTAINMENT SYSTEM: Enjoy the benefits of an easy-to-layout dog wireless fence syste... Read More


After reading our article, we hope that you have chosen the best wireless dog fence for your home. All the wireless barriers mentioned in our report are suitable for both urban and rural people. But remember, whatever fence you buy, make sure you read the manual before installing them. It would help if you took various measures before installing them, but they are generally simple instructions. After installing:

  1. Train your dog about the fence.
  2. Give them practice and make them adapt to the changes.
  3. Don't make your dog wear the collar for more than 14 hours a day, and do not attach any leash to the collar as it may affect the collar's performance. 

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