West paw dog toys

West paw design toy for engaging dogs in fun playtime.  The US-based company focuses on standards while manufacturing the toy. All the products of the company are highly durable and flexible. Toys in various textures, colors are available for any type of chewers. West paw has no compromise in quality at the cost. Most of the toys are FDA compliant and latex-free. West paw provides a lifetime warranty for most of the toys to minimize plastic usage.  

West paw Rumbl dog toy

  Isn't your little pup not familiar with toys? No worries, you can offer him a Rumbl ultra-durable toy. Dogs can enjoy puzzle games with this amazing toy. A soft tooth inside the toy will make it more challenging for a dog to reach the treats. The design of the toy with a sideway opening help in the slow dispense of the tread from the toy thus helping in slow feeding. Treats like frozen yogurt and regular feeding treats are used as fillers for the toy. A large and small topple are connected together for a difficult mental task.   Available sizes: Small (6cm x 8cm x 8cm) Large (9cm x 10cm x 9cm) Available colors: eggplant, green, melon Material used: Zogoflex Rubber  

West paw Hurley Fetch Toy

  The multipurpose Hurley toy is used for water play, fetch, and chewing. The non-toxic rubber-made toy won't deform with continuous chewing. These waterproof toys are extremely buoyant while playing in the pool. The toy has a special feature to bounce in different patterns thus making the dog run in different directions. Hurley fetches toy is FDA (Food and Drug Compliant). West paw guarantees complete fun and entertainment for the dog.   Available sizes: Small (3cm x 11cm x 8cm) Large (9cm x 10cm x 9cm) Available colors: aqua blue, tangerine orange, Granny Smith Green  Material used: Zogoflex Rubber

Zisc Flying Disc fetch Dog toy from West Paw

A toy made of ultra Zogoflex material will massage your dog’s teeth gently. But the material is harder than plastic but soft to touch. You can invert the toy and pour water and use it as an instant water bowl. Since the toy is lightweight, dogs can play water games with these toys. The rubber material used is flexible and eco-friendly. The safe method of cleaning this toy is using a dishwasher.   Available sizes: Small (17cm x 17cm x 2cm) Large (22cm x 22cm x 3cm) Available colors: Glow-in-the-dark, aqua blue, tangerine orange, Granny Smith Green  Material used: Zogoflex Rubber Currently, the above product is unavailable in amazon. Kindly refer the link below for similar product  

West Paw Skamp Flyer inspired fetch dog toy

  The fetch dog toy that has a bouncy feature is the West Paw Skamp flyer fetch dog toy. Games like fetch, catch, Tug is possible using this toy. If the pet owner has multiple dogs, these fetch toys are great to play within the garden. The design of the fetch toy can spin the fetch toy to a greater distance in the air. The texture of the toy is so gentle that it can massage the gums of the little pup. The Zogoflex rubber is eco-friendly and reusable.   Available sizes:  Large (22cm x 22cm x 5cm) Available colors: Jungle Green, Purple Eggplant, Orange Melon Material used: Zogoflex Rubber

West Paw Rando Bounce and float ball dog toy

  The Rando Bounce float ball is preferred for water games since it has high buoyancy on water. Compared to a tennis ball, this ball is safer for outdoor playing games. The soft material of the toy gives a gentle massage to the teeth of the toy. Since the ball is lightweight, it is very easy to throw the ball to a longer distance. The balls are latex-free and recyclable.   Available sizes:  Large (9cm x 9cm x 9cm) Available colors: Jungle Green, Purple Eggplant, Orange Melon Material used: Zogoflex Rubber Currently, the above product is unavailable in amazon. Kindly refer the link below for similar product  

West Paw Zogoflex Tizzi Treat Dispensing Dog Toy

   An aerodynamic dog toy that can dispense treats and be used for fetch play is the West paw’s Treat and tug dog toy. You can lock the flexible leg at the bottom and throw the toy at a great height so that your dogs are more excited to catch them. You can have an interactive play outdoors and dispense the treat and improve the slow feeding inside the house.  While tossing, the toy can reach a high distance and the design of the toy with a head and a pair of legs helps the dog for easy hold of the toy in its mouth during playtime.   Available sizes:  Large (18cm x 15cm x 6cm) Small (11cm x 11cm x 4cm) Available colors: Tangerine Orange, Granny Smith Green, Aqua Blue Material used: Zogoflex Rubber  

How safer Zogoflex is?

Most of the products of West paw’s products are made of Zogoflex rubber. Aside from being a branded company, pet owners focus on the material of which the toy is made of. The safety of the pet is the first and foremost factor before buying a toy. Similarly, the material is also very important as less quality-made toys can cause several health-related problems to the pet. For example, dogs are highly sensitive to latex. West paw assures that all of their products are latex-free and 100 percent safe to offer for dogs. Zogoflex rubber does not tear with heavy chewing, fetch play, and other water games.  

Methods to wash dog toys

A dog might get more possessive towards the toys after consistent use. You get to know this when you try to pull out the toy from the dog. He might be very rude or even bite you when you take away the toy. Obviously, spending too much time with a toy can make the toy very dirty. You must keep the toy very clean to avoid health issues for your dog.  

Method 1 for rubber toys

  1. Rub the visible debris (food particles, grass, leaves) using a toothbrush. The saliva of the dog on the toy makes this debris stick to the toy.
  2. Soak the rubber toy in a sink and hold the toy under the running tap and clean with force water. Water can get along to places where your fingers can't reach. The mud or the dirt present in the gaps of the toy is washed off.
  3. Next, squeeze the toy for the excess water to come out and lay the toys on a towel to get dry.
4. Keep the toys in the top rack of the dishwasher and run the machine.  The hot water and the air pressure sterilize the toys
  1. Frequent cleaning of the toys can maintain the hygiene of the dog.

Method 2 for cotton toys

1.Use a wire comb to remove the debris sticking on the toy.
  1. Put the toy in a washing machine. The best way to clean a soft toy is to machine wash with mild detergent. Put the toys in a dryer or allow them to air try.
  2. You can also try microwaving to remove the dirt. The heat produced in the oven will kill the microorganisms like bacteria. Don't run the oven for more than 1 minute. Toys that have a metal covering should not be kept in the oven. Microwaving works great for rope toys.
4. If you are not interested in microwaving then wash the toys in a dishwasher with no detergent.
  1. Clean the cotton toys frequently to avoid any health problems.
  2. Do not bleach the toys as it is very dangerous and can kill your pet.
Though all the toys are reviewed as indestructible, it is not true. At extreme conditions, a toy may lose its bite resistance. Don't forget the safety of the dog while purchasing expensive toys. The dogs are lonely most of the time. It is hard for pet owners to supervise their dogs all time. Read out the reviews and select a toy that is comfortable for a dog to play.            

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