Tuffy dog toys

Dogs are sometimes harsh on a toy. You must offer him a toy that can withstand his hard beating. Really, Tuffy toys are meant to be the toughest among the dog toy manufacturing companies. Some of the Tuffy toys are animal shaped and some are available in the shape of bones. Dog owners can buy a toy that is comfortable to play with their pets. All the toys from Tuffy are designed to ensure safety and quality. Customers are truly satisfied with these toys. You can get a Tuffy toy of any type, shape color based on your pet’s wish from the market.

Tuffy Ultimate Boomerang dog toy

The core-plus of the Tuffy Boomerang dog toy is four layers of material and eight layers of stitching. These toys are durable and can float on a water bowl. Although these toys are not meant for aggressive chewers, they are very good toys for soft chewers. This boomerang dog toy is very good for playing interactive games thus providing mental stimulation for dogs. This toy is treated as a great tool for fetch play and your dog must be at least 20 pounds to play with this Boomerang toy.



  1. Machine washable material.
  2. Camouflage color makes the toy specially identified when thrown on mud.



  1. Dogs must be under powerful supervision as they might damage the toy.


Type Boomerang
Color Camo Blue
Target user Dog



Tuffy Rugged rubber dog toy



 Certain toys are rubber-made instead of tough plastics. The Tuffy rugged rubber ball is tied with a knot in one end for comfortable fetch play. These toys are best for dogs weighing more than 15 pounds. Generally, dogs are very curious about playing with animal-shaped toys. This toy has got a rating of 10 which means that they are safer to have fun. The shape of the toy is easy for grabbing while playing fetch games.



  1. The pig-shaped toy is suitable for fetch play since the rope tied at the end can lock between the dogs.
  2. Easy to grab in the mouth for large breed dogs.



  1. The toy is a bit heavy in weight


Type Pig
Color Pink
Target user Dog, Pig


Tuffy Ring balls



A Tuffy ring that is sewn multiple times to ensure no outbreak of the cotton strands is meant to be a tuff toy. These toys can float on water and hence highly recommended for water games. No worries about seeing a muddy ring. These dirty rings are machine washable and environmentally friendly. The total weight of the items is 7.04 ounces which are lightweight, so easy to grab during playtime.


Type Ring
Color Orange / Yellow
Target user Dog, Pig

You should not compromise safety for entertainment. Sometimes, a toy can shatter into pieces due to vigorous biting. At times, the pets may swallow the broken pieces and result in choking. Try toys that are extremely safe for pets. If your pets are obsessed with chewing then you can fill the toy with treats to fulfill the hunger needs.









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