Small dog crate

  Every dog must spend some time in a crate to protect itself from accidental hits while traveling. Plus, the owner can lead a peaceful journey. So, if you are looking for an enclosed indoor happy place to secure your puppy, this is the right site for you. Apart from feeding, proper sleep plays a vital role in health improvement. You can put the dog inside a crate to provide a peaceful sleep. These crates are made of high-quality material and serve for years without any damage.  If you have been dealing with only leashes, then a dog crate is a fresh topic. Although crate is important for comforting the dog, choosing the best crate for your four-legged furry is a bit challenging. No worries! In this article, we have shortlisted some of the top-rated dog crates available in the market. Keep reading to know the best dog crates trending among pet lovers.   

Why do we prefer a dog crate?

A dog crate is not only a private space for your best friend. You will get many other benefits from it. Although it seems like caging your dog, it is helpful during the training session. Let us see the other benefits of a dog crate. 

A home for your beloved puppy

Whenever your puppy feels exhausted, it desperately searches for a rest place. For that, you must allot a private space for a peaceful sleep. Unfortunately, a bed alone is not enough. There must be a protecting shield for your pet. A dog crate is a happy place to rest whenever the dog is tired or scared. 


Keeping the dog inside a crate will prevent chewing non-edible stuff, thereby preventing choking. Plus, you can protect the dog from the risks of electrocution. Very importantly, you can have a talk without your guests without bothering your pup. Ensure that you open the crate at regular intervals so that the dog breathes fresh air. 

Safe transportation

All the dogs will not be comfortable while traveling. But, a dog inside a crate is calm and relaxed. So, you can drive without stressing much. And also, you can protect the seat from nail scratches. 

Table of contents

  1. Midwest Life Stages Dog crate
  2. Crown Pet Products Wood Pet Crate End table
  3. Petmate Vari Kennel
  4. Amazon Basics Double-Door folding metal Dog crate

Best dog crates for small dogs in 2021

 1. Midwest Life Stages Dog crate

  Midwest Life Stages Dog crate comes with two doors. So, it is super convenient, and you are free to use it anywhere. Plus, it is very easy to clean and maintain. This dog crate is durable since it is built with a strong wire gauge. So, even a bulky dog cannot bend the wire gauge at any cost. In fact, this steel wire gauge can tolerate the hard hits of the dog without any deterioration. Dog safety is the aim of a crate. Actually, a crate is designed by bending the steel wires. In that case, the crate’s corners are sharp and might cause head injuries. This dog crate comes with patented round side clips that protect the dog from accidental injuries.  A slide-Bold latch locks the door firmly. So, your pet will not step out accidentally when the guests are eating. The notable feature of this crate is, it is compact and lightweight. Therefore, it is truly space-saving if you are living in a congested apartment. Plus, this dog crate comes with roller feet to prevent floor damages. 

What we love in the Midwest Life Stages Dog Crate

  1. The steel wire gauge is durable. It will not bend and come for many years
  2. This dog crate comes with double door options. So, it is easy to clean and maintain 
  3. The rolling feet will protect the tile floor from damage.
  4. It is compact and foldable, thereby making transport and storage easier
  5. The Slide-Bold latch will lock the door firmly and prevent any accidentally step out of the pup
  6. It is suitable for small breeds

2.Crown Pet Products Wood Pet Crate End table

    Are you looking for a rubberwood dog crate? Try out the new Crown Pet Products Wood Pet Crate End table. This royal finish dog crate will give protection and be a part of home decor. The highlight of this crate is its 360 proper ventilation. So, the dog will feel very comfortable inside the crate. The waterproof floor is made of medium-density fiberboard (MDF) and is coated with melamine. So, the floor will not encourage any liquid absorption.  This dog crate comes with a swing-through door that quickly shuts off and traps the escape artists. So, you can save your energy and time. It comes in two sizes. With a standard dimension of 39.7x27.2x27.3 inches, a large dog crate is suitable for dogs weighing up to 80 pounds. On the other hand, the medium-sized crate that has the dimension of 29.7x21x24.2inches is apt for small dogs weighing 45 pounds. However, this dog crate is easy to assemble and lasts for years   

What we love in the Crown Pet Products Wood Pet Crate End table

  1. This rubberwood crate adds an aesthetic look to the living room
  2. The floor is waterproof and coated with melamine. 
  3. It is available in two sizes with slight variations in sizes (small and medium)
  4. It provides a 360-degree view with proper ventilation
  5. The construction is durable 
  6. A swing-through door will lock the dog easily 
  7. A stainless steel latch locks the door firmly
  8. It is easy to assemble the crate 

3. Petmate Vari Kennel

    One of the lightweight kennels in the market is Petmate Vari Kennel. This plastic-made kennel is durable and offers super comfort to your dog. It comes with an inbuilt handle to make transportation easier. One of the remarkable highlights of this kennel is, it has a proper license from airlines. So, you can take your pet in this kennel and go on a short trip. In addition, this kennel is an excellent choice to train dogs suffering from anxiety. The interior is soft and comfortable. So, the dog can rest peacefully. In addition, this kennel is gentle and prevents any injuries while traveling. There is a wide range of options from this brand. You can choose the suitable one for your little partner. The assembly is simple without using any additional tools, and the corners are rounded to prevent head injuries. The steel-made door is chrome coated and comes with improved durability.  

What we love in the Petmate Vari Kennel

  1. The steel door is durable and lasts for many years
  2. It is easy to assemble without any tools
  3. This kennel comes with double-wired windows
  4. It is eco-friendly and is approved by airlines
  5. This USA-based kennel is made with 25% recycled materials 
  6. A inbuilt top handle helps in easy transportation
  7. It ensures safety for the dogs

4. Amazon Basics Double-Door folding metal Dog crate

  Amazon Basics Double-Door folding metal dog crate is suitable for dogs of any size. Since this crate is available in three different sizes, you can choose an apt one for the dog. This dog crate features double door options for easy access. In addition, there is a pair of slide-bolt latches to ensure a firm lock. When it comes to construction, this crate is made of sturdy material to withstand heavy external attacks. Since it is a wired design, you can keep an eye on your pet's activities. Plus, the dog will get a clear vision and proper ventilation. This dog crate will surely win customer's heart with its foldable feature. It is extremely space-saving and is used for people living in congested apartments. However, a plastic pan forms the bottom of the crate. So, it is quite easy to clean.

What we love in the Amazon Basics Double-Door folding metal Dog crate

  1. It is easy to set up without any tools
  2. The wire gauge enhances the vision and ventilation
  3. All the corners are rounded to prevent injuries
  4. This crate is suitable for all breed dogs
  5. It comes with a double door option
  6. A removable pan helps in easy cleaning
  7. It is lightweight and foldable

Six points to remember while using Dog crates

  1. Remove the leash before you put the dog inside the crate
  2. Ensure whether the dog is comfortable
  3. Avoid keeping the dog inside the crate for long hours
  4. Check whether the crate has enough ventilation
  5. Remove the pad and clean if your dog pooped
  6. Provide food and water at regular intervals

Final thoughts 

A dog crate is a private space where your dog takes rest. Before selecting the crate, consider the factors like crate size, comfort, and durability. Apart from the crates mentioned above, there is a wide range of crates available in the market. You can choose the best one that can keep your dog secured and relaxed.              

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