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Dogs are energetic animal friends that keep you entertained all day. Every breathing organism needs a private space to relax and recharge. Giving the best natural diet is not enough to raise a dog. Ensure whether the dog is taking proper rest to stay mentally healthy. For that, you must purchase a dog crate. It naturally matches your home decor and gives a furniture look. So, you can leave your dog for a private break. Plus, make you of the top panel to rest things. In this article, we will see the in-depth benefits of using a dog crate. Keep reading without skipping for a wholesome knowledge of dog crates.

What do we prefer using a modern dog crate?

When you plan to buy a dog crate, you will be confused about choosing the best one. The top-selling dog crates are plastic crates and wire gauge crates. Before finalizing the product, you must ensure whether the crate fits perfectly to the dog’s size. Keep in mind; a modern crate should not disturb the pet’s peace and happiness at any cost. Let us have a look at the advantages of having a modern crate. 

Blends with the Home decor

Not all dog crates blend with the interior design. One genuine reason why pet parents prefer using the modern crate is to match the furniture of the living room. Moreover, you use the crate as a coffee table or place night lamps. Anyways, a modern dog crate will benefit in both ways.


Unlike other ordinary crates, modern dog crates come with improved durability. These crates are made from premium quality materials to withstand any attacks. Obviously, all the crate parts are coated with wood protector paint to enhance the rust resistivity. Each slat with a minimum gap prevents the dog from chewing the wooden slats. In addition, the rounded corners prevent head injuries.

Easy to train

A general observation from the customer side is that a pet feels more relaxed inside a wooden crate than any other type. An added advantage of using a wooden crate is, it is easy to train the dog. So, it learns discipline very soon. 

Table of contents

  1. ECOFLEX Modern Dog Crate
  2. Casual Home Wooden Medium Pet Crate
  3. Merry Pet wooden crate
  4. Richell Wooden End table modern crate for dogs


Best Modern Dog crate of 2021

 1. ECOFLEX Modern Dog Crate


Item dimensions: 29.5x21.1x25.2 inches

Material: Plastic Wood polymer composite material

Item weight: 33 pounds

If you expect a crate to be a modern den for the dog, try out the ECOFLEX dog crate. It comes with a stylish design and grabs the customer attention at a glance. In this modern world, everyone wants a furniture-finish modern crate to match the home decor. Very importantly, none like to put the beloved pet in an old-fashioned wire gauge crate.

This modern crate comes with a super durable door with a secured latch. It looks like an end table ad perfectly fits your living room’s corner. All four side panels come with stainless steel slats with a minimum gap in-between. It ensures proper ventilation and clear vision. Plus, you can keep an eye on the pet.

The panels are made of solid wood and recycled plastic. The whole unit comes with a non-toxic finish to ensure pet safety. Since this crate is waterproof, it lasts for years. In addition, it is easy to access the interior with a top-open design. It is very easy to install without any tools. Last but not least, it is available in multiple colors. 

What we like in ECOFLEX Modern Dog Crate

  1. The construction is durable and is more spacious to provide complete relaxation
  2. A perfect combination of solid wood and stainless steel gives an aesthetic look
  3. It is easy to set up without any tools
  4. The top-open design paves a way to interact with the pet without letting him outside
  5. Each steel slats have gaps in-between for clear vision and ventilation
  6. This crate is available in different colors
  7. The waterproof frame lasts for years

2. Casual Home Wooden Medium Pet Crate


 Item dimensions: 27.5x20x24 inches

Material: Wood

Item weight: 28.25 pounds

 Are you looking for a modern crate that complements your existing furniture? Casual Home Wooden Medium Pet crate is an excellent choice for you. Apart from being a crate, it also serves as an end table. This wooden crate is waterproof and keeps the pet comfortable. It comes with a secured latch to lock the door firmly.

The corners are rounded to prevent any injuries when the pet stretches its body. The whole crate is coated with a wooden protector to prevent termite attacks. Each side window provides proper ventilation through the grill-like steel slats. 

You can easily assemble the crate without using tools. Plus, it is easy to clean the crate with a damp cloth. Moreover, this modern crate is available in five different colors. So, you can choose the best crate that enhances the beauty of your house’s interior work. 

What we like in Casual Home Wooden Medium Pet Crate

  1. It comes with a simple assembly process
  2. A secured lock system will prevent the dog from accidental step outs
  3. All fours side panels come with steel slats for improving vision and ventilation
  4. The waterproof design lasts for many years
  5. It is available in multiple sizes

3. Merry Pet wooden crate


Item dimensions: 32.5x22.5x23.5 inches

Material: Engineered Wood, Plastic and Metal

Item weight: 17.69 pounds

Merry Pets has been a top brand selling dog crates for many years. They are so much focused on giving quality dog crates. This modern crate is made from high-grade MDF (Medium Density Fiberboard). The top and bottom panels are durable and can support heavy weights up to 2000pounds. For extra protection, this wooden crate comes with a wood protector coating and gives a classy finish.

You can join all the panels to provide a closed enclosure and put the pet inside for a safe journey. On the other hand, you can extend the panels and form a gate at the wall corners. So, you can provide enough space for the pet to relax. These panels are removable to accommodate a perfect wall corner space for your beloved pup.

All four sides of the panels come with steel slates with a minimum gap of 1.5-inches. All the steel slats are painted with black paint to improve the rust resistivity. One thing to note here is, this modern crate is available in two sizes. So, you can check out the dimensions and choose a suitable crate. At the bottom, there is a removable plastic tray to clean the debris. 

What we like in Merry Pet wooden crate 

  1. This modern crate comes with 2-1 options. You either use it as a crate or a gate
  2. Though it is lightweight, it can bear a wholesome weight of 200 pounds
  3. It is easy to assemble and maintain
  4. The gapped steel slates provide ventilation 
  5. The whole unit comes with wood protector coating for improved durability
  6. It comes in two different sizes

4. Richell Wooden End table modern crate for dogs


Item dimensions: 29.9x41.5x29.5 inches

Material: Wood

Item weight: 55.1 pounds

The Richell company is the best-known company for its quality pet gates. Now, the company is successfully manufacturing modern dog crates. The highlight is, this crate is beneficial not only for pets but also for humans. You can use this crate as a part of home decor. It perfectly blends with your home interior work.

It comes in three different sizes. Very importantly, the 360-degree ventilation keeps the dog so relaxed. Plus, you can monitor the pet’s activities. There is a side stopper to keep the door open. You can remove the bottom tray for cleaning. We recommend using a dishwasher for a fresh smell.

What we like in Richell Wooden End table modern crate for dogs

  1. You can keep the door open all the time using a side stopper
  2. The slide-out tray is removable. So, it is easy to clean the debris
  3. The whole crate comes with durable construction
  4. Though it is a bit high-priced, it is worth buying
  5. It gives 360-degree ventilation and keeps the pet comfortable

Final thoughts

We hope that you are impressed with the features and specifications of modern crates. In simple words, it is fashionable and functional. A pup keeps you happy and entertained. In return, provide a super comfortable space to the beloved one. Plus, it enhances the beauty of your living room. Apart from the top-rated products mentioned above, many brands are offering quality modern dog crates. Before shortlisting the crate, consider important factors like durability, price, design and size. A modern crate is a wise investment, and you can check out further details on e-commerce sites.






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