Kong toys

If the dog loves to chew and you cannot control that then these toys are best suggested for you. Chewing is the best way to release the calming hormones thus making a fair good day for dogs. This stress-busting activity can keep your pet calm and composed. A Kong is a great companion for a dog in its lonely period. Add on stuff inside the Kong creates an interaction between the dog and the Kong. This kind of toy keeps dogs occupied and focused on playing and your dog will get an incentive by means of an attracting food.

Kong toys

Toys that fit the dogs of any age group are the Kong toys.  These customized toys are rubber-made exclusively for puppy teeth. Flavored food fillers can engage the puppy all day and at the same time he tries out some attracting foods. Kong toys are recommended by most vets, trainers, and behaviorists all over the world. Pet parents have no fear of thinking of a starving pet. A Kong executes a dual performance of enriching the mental health and satisfies the hunger needs of the pup.  
  • Kong classic dog toys

  A level-high bouncing Kong toy can raise the interest in playing and fetching. A usual chewer can utilize time for exercise. The Kong classic dog toys are the flagship for dogs over 35+ years. Classic Kong with treats can withstand many dog bites with its ultra-durable rubber material. Gift your little pup a Kong as a lifetime friend to phase out the boredom when you're not at home. Engage the dog with Kong more time with mouthwatering stuff.    
Brand Kong(classic)
Color Red
Weight in ounce 2.56
Intake species Dogs
  •  Kong extreme dog toys

Parents of extreme chewers prefer Kong extreme for its long-lasting feature. Worldwide dog enthusiasts recommend the Kong extreme for stimulating mental stability. Keep your pet away from anxiety and depression with these treat cartridges. Peanut butter, ziggies are the most favorite items to stuff inside the toy. Once the Kong is empty, clean up the dirt with a dishwasher. Give a try by freezing the yummy Kong for about 4-6 hours before adding the Kong to your pet’s menu.    
Brand Kong(extreme)
Color Black
Weight in ounce 6.88
Intake species Dogs

Methods of cleaning a Kong

 As an initial step, soak the chew toy into a bowl of hot water. Use a baby bottle brush to clean the hollow portion of the Kong. A dishwasher is also recommended for washing hollow toys.

Uses of a Kong

  1. Consistent chewing of a Kong can help in losing the dog’s weight. When you're busy with your guests, offering a Kong to the dog greatly helps the dog to relax and play on his bed keeping him and the guests undisturbed.
  2. With a Kong, you can train a dog as a chasing pro. A dog can grasp the Kong scent and fetch it from the place you hide.
  3. Give agility course training to the dog with difficult tasks like placing cardboards in zigzag on the way to get the Kong.
  4. Keep the chewing toys fresh and clean with frequent rotation.
  5. If you have many dogs then give them easy identical Kong to improve their recognizing skills.
  6. Improve your dog’s hunting skills by burning a Kong in a sandpit. Remember not to stuff anything inside the Kong.
  7. Kong with our pet’s favorite fillers can brighten up the day of the dog. Each time it sees a Kong can boost its enthusiasm.

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