Interactive toys

Games can stimulate the dog’s brain. It is possible to give both physical exercise and mental health to the puppies. Want to know how? Offer him an interactive toy for a day, and you will note the difference in his behavior.  You must add some brain games with these interactive toys to a dog’s routine. Better interaction with a toy can reduce aggressive behavior to a great extent.

Tail chasing, chewing on things, and excessive barking are the everyday activities you observe in a dog without a companion. So, the best way to make a dog engaged healthily is to make him interact with a toy. In parallel, the owners can keep control over their pets.

 1. Outward Hound Dog Interactive toys

Nina Ottosson has specially made these interactive toys for newborn puppies. Quite challenging games suit all dogs despite the breed. This toy consists of 9 compartments with scent holes. The treats are hidden under each case. A dog has a dual responsibility to use its nose and the paw to seek the hidden goodies. Clean the puzzle toy with warm water and soap. These toys strengthen the dog’s mental stability and thereby cut down the arrogant behavior.

Brand Outward Hound
Material Plastic
Item weight in pounds 2.88

Bestseller (lists)

Outward Hound Nina Ottosson Dog Hide N' Slide Tan Interactive Treat Puzzle Dog Toy Pet Supplies

  • INTERMEDIATE LEVEL FUN: The Dog Hide N' Slide level 2 intermediate dog puzzle is a fun hide-and-seek challenge that requires your pup to learn how combined actions lead to a tasty reward! Great for dogs who have mastered level 1 puzzles.
  • CHALLENGE YOUR DOG'S MIND: The Dog Hide N' Slide is an interactive treat puzzle game that works your dog's mind while reducing boredom and destructive behavior. Swivel to hide treats under the flippers or place them in the blocks through the top openi... Read More


2. Wobble Wag Giggle toy

A lonely pet will be more excited to play with toys that make giggle sounds. The clutch pockets on the ball fit perfectly to the mouth of dogs of all sizes. The pet owners can make use of their garden for this gameplay. This toy offers a 3 in 1 game like fetch, roll, and shake. While playing, the dog focuses more on chasing the ball simultaneously physical exercises are done. The sound that comes from the internal tube keeps the pup curious and enthusiastic throughout the day. This toy is highly recommended for indoor and outdoor activities.

Brand Pawsindia
Material Vinyl
Item weight in ounce 1.28

Bestseller (lists)

Wobble Wag Giggle Ball, Interactive Dog Toy, Fun Giggle Sounds When Rolled or Shaken, Pets Know Best, As Seen On TV

  • FUN FOR ALL BIG OR SMALL Wobble Wag Giggle Ball is great for dogs of all ages and sizes! The 6 clutch pockets on the toy make it easy for your dog to pick up during playtime!
  • WOBBLE WAG GIGGLE Ball With just the nudge of a nose, off the ball goes! Wobble Wag Giggle does not require batteries - the secret is the internal tube noisemaker inside of the ball, the enticing “play-with-me” sounds are sure to engage your pup as the toy rolls around!
  • HAPPY, HEALTHY & ... Read More

Merits of an interactive toy

1. Interactive toys like Outward Hound Dog toys can fill the pet’s tummy along with brain stimulation. If the dog is new to such interactive toys, spread yummy peanut butter all over the toy.
2. Games like treasure hunt can increase the smelling ability of the dog. Kong is a good interactive toy. Fill the Kong with goodies and hide anywhere. Let the dog smell and find out. Reward him with treats after the game.
3. Since these toys are super durable. They can withstand destructive bites without any deformation of the toy.
4. An effective game with interactive toys creates active participation in the pet, the dog looks so energetic throughout the day.
5. Let your dog enjoys the company with the toy and forgets to involve in abnormal activities.

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