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Are you a pet lover? Don’t you have a desire to take your pet to places you go? If yes, the first thing you have to do is to purchase a dog crate. Mental health is as important as physical health. So, proper sleep and rest are important to keep the dog healthy. In that case, you must provide a spacious private crate for the dog to stay relaxed.

So, you can buy a heavy-duty crate to put the dog in a comfy state. In addition, you can protect the pet from any accidents. Although a crate is helpful, choose the appropriate one is a challenging task. In this article, we will see some of the top-rated heavy-duty dog crates. Keep reading to explore more. 

Why do we prefer Heavy-duty Crate?

A crate will not only give shelter it also protects the dog from external attacks. Very importantly, you can prevent chewing valuables like sofa seats, socks, shoes, etc. To travel in airlines, you need a quality crate. In that case, you can use a heavy-duty crate. These heavy-duty crates are perfect for aggressive dogs.

Table of Contents

  1. SMONTER Heavy Duty Dog Crate
  2. DEStar Heavy Duty PE Rattan Wicker Dog crate
  3. Homey Pet Open Heavy duty crate for dogs
  4. Paw Hut Folding design heavy duty metal dog crate


 1. SMONTER Heavy Duty Dog Crate

The first thing that pops up in your mind is reliability. SMONTER Heavy Duty Dog Crate is one of the best crates in today’s market. It comes in a sturdy metal frame and remains corrosion-free. So, it is suitable for both indoor and outdoor. It features a Y-pattern locking design for extra protection and prevents the dog from peeping outside the crate. It is lightweight and weighs about 82 pounds. So, you can transport this crate with ease. Although the crate is made of reinforced steel, it is easy to assemble without any tools. Plus, there are four caster wheels for maneuverability.

The whole unit comes with a removable floor pan, thereby making the cleaning process easier. We recommend using a dishwasher for effective cleaning. If you want to the best of everything, you can try out this crate. 

What we like in the SMONTER Heavy Duty Dog Crate 

  1. The whole unit comes with a standard dimension of 38x26x32.
  2. It is lightweight and comes with four caster wheels for easy portability 
  3. The Y-pattern lock design ensures more security
  4. Although it is a bit expensive, it comes with many advanced features
  5. It is easy to assemble without demanding any tools

2. DEStar Heavy Duty PE Rattan Wicker Dog crate

Does your dog crate in the living room look odd? You can buy DEStar Heavy duty dog crate to blend with the home interior design. A wood-like finish gives an exact furniture look and enhances the beauty of your room.

It is made of woven rattan with sufficient gaps for proper vision and ventilation. It comes with a standard dimension of 35.8x22.8x25.2inches and is suitable for dogs weighing less than 66 pounds.A polyester crate cover will protect the dog from harmful sunrays and heavy rain. In addition, it is durable and abrasive resistive. You can roll up the front cover for easy entry and exit. 

This dog crate has a premium quality removable tray at the bottom. So, you can easily slide out the tray to remove the debris like food scraps, fur, etc. Plus, there is a durable latch to firmly lock the door to prevent the puppy's accidental step down. The whole unit setup is easy and takes merely 15 minutes. You just want to tighten the screw to assemble a wonderful crate. You can also refer to the user manual for better understanding.  

What we like in the DEStar Heavy Duty PE Rattan Wicker Dog crate

  1. This heavy-duty crate's impressive design perfectly blends with the home decor 
  2. The crate cover will give ultra-protection from high beams and heavy rains
  3. It is spacious with a standard dimension of 35.8x22.8x25.2inches is a perfect home for a dog weighing less than 66pounds
  4. There is a detachable tray at the bottom. So, you can slide out the tray for cleaning at regular intervals 
  5. It is very easy to install. Plus, a user manual guide you in a better way

3. Homey Pet Open Heavy-duty crate for dogs

If you are looking for a budget-friendly heavy-duty crate, the Homey Pet Open Heavy-duty crate is a top pick. Unlike other crates, you can open the top for easy access. Similarly, the slide-out tray is detachable and easy to clean. Plus, the tray is plastic made for a comfortable paw rest.

This steel-made crate is durable and comes with a non-toxic finish. So, aggressive chewers cannot bend the crate at any cost. 

This dog crate comes with attached wheels for maneuverability. In contrast, you can detach the wheels to stack up over other things or prefer to place the crate in one spot. One thing you like about this crate is, it is extra spacious compared to its counterparts. Therefore, the dog can stretch its whole body without hitting the corners. A standard gap of 0.9inches between the bars will allow the pet to chew the steel crate. 

Yes! With an impressive constructional design, this crate is suitable for both pet owners and pet stores. You can stack at least three crates to save space. Another notable feature is, you can feed your dogs without letting the dog escape outside. A removable top will make this possible. 

What we like in the Homey Pet Open Heavy-duty crate for dogs

  1. One of the budget-friendly dog crates in today's market
  2. It comes with a stacking option for saving the space
  3. The durable steel design gives a non-toxic finish
  4. A open-top design makes the feeding easier
  5. You can transport the crate with attached wheels 

4. PawHut Folding design heavy duty metal dog crate

A durable metal wire cage that lasts for years is a PawHut Folding design heavy-duty dog crate. Each bar is properly welded to form a strong structure. So, the whole unit remains undamaged despite heavy attacks.

This dog crate comes with a single-door option. This large door allows a dog of any size to get into the crate with ease. There are two safety locks to prevent the dog from escaping outside. In addition, a top open design allows better interaction between the pet owner and the dog staying inside. 

You can port this crate anywhere with the help of attached wheels. The key feature is, all the wheels come with in-built brakes. Plus, attaching or detaching the wheels is completely user freedom. Very importantly, this crate is foldable. So, you can use this option to save space when it is not in use. At the bottom, the plastic tray is super convenient for complete rest. And also, you can slide the tray out to remove the debris. 

What we like in the PawHut Folding design heavy duty metal dog crate

  1. A metal wire cage is sturdy and will not collapse on any attacks
  2. The removable tray makes the cleaning process easier
  3. The open-top design allows good interaction between you and the dog
  4. It comes with attached wheels for easy transportation

Benefits of using a heavy-duty dog crate

A crate will do a lot of benefits to the dog's mental and physical health. Let us look in detail.


While taking your dog outdoors, the first thing you ensure is the pet's safety. Basically, animals seek a calm place to rest when they feel threatened. Using a dog crate, you can train the dog with ease. In that case, a heavy-duty crate is a modern den to keep your pet safe. 

Apt for heavy chewers

A dog tries to follow escapology when put inside a crate. But a heavy-duty crate will prevent even an aggressive dog from stepping outside. These heavy-duty crates are usually steel-made and come with improved durability. 

Convenience while traveling

Basically, all the dog crates come with attached wheels at the bottom for easy transportation. On the other hand, you can also detach the wheels while placing the crate on soft surfaces. 

Heavy-duty crate features corrosion resistivity and does not form rust when exposed to moisture. Therefore, these dog crates are suitable for both indoor and outdoor use. 

Easy to clean

The heavy-duty dog crate comes with removable pads. So, you can clean the food scraps and other debris using a dishwasher. Therefore, the crate smells good and keeps your dog healthy.

Final thoughts

We hope that you have got an idea about the impressive features of dog crates. Though a happy puppy playing around keeps the home energetic, ensure proper rest to improve the dog’s mental health.

Too much concerned about your dog's happiness? Don't wait! Just go and grab the best crate from ecommerce sites.

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