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Have you ever noticed a house with a joyful little pup playing around? Most of the employees are working from home. On the other hand, if your frizzy baby keeps sleeping all day in a corner can move a day boring. Engage in a room where your pets eradicate your loneliness. Is that sentence made to ask How? Yes, you can buy some playful toys to kickstart interest in your pet. But still, there is confusion among the pet owners about the dog toys.

Benefits of Dog toys

At times, creating a space for their entertainment can unfold their moody behavior. Physical health is as important as the lively heart. During the initial stages of growing teeth, the gums might get bruised. But, chewing a toy makes the gum strong thereby maintaining the teeth clean.

Like humans, dogs too have an emotional quotient. When a dog’s mood is turned off, it might behave vigorously. In an extreme stage, dogs can tear your shoes or sofa. The standard quality of dog toys might support eliminating the mood swings of dogs.

In your absence, the best companion for the pet is a dog toy. Moreover, an interaction between the dog and the toy can boost the overall health of the puppy. A Kong toy is stuffed with treats that engage the fido as he tries to lick out the overfill.

Spending time with toys will develop your fur baby’s skills. Aside from that, these toys give mental and happiness. A positive relationship is built between you and the pet as they could easily associate you with entertainment.

Safety elements

Honestly, all the safety elements are based on the dog’s figure and behavior. We serve some of the guide factors despite zero guarantees on safety with any toys.

  1. Dispose of the toys that are about to break or broken already.
  2. Monitor the toys that have an embedded squeaker at its mid portion. Thinking from the pet’s mind, it will be curious to break the squeak part to swallow. Take special care when your pet is playing with the squeaker toys.
  3. You must be an expert on knowing your pet’s chewing habits before leaving him with the toy. Some of the dogs can give a surface bite to the toys thus playing with it for years whereas some dogs fall under the category of violent experiments with the toy and diminishing it within hours. In a rare case, a dog might disembowel a toy and ingest it.
  4. Choose a toy that is apt to our dog’s size. Avoid giving ball-shaped toys since these easy swallowable toys might lodge inside your pet’s throat.
  5. Avoid the strings, ribbons of any toys that aren't dog-proof. Dogs might chew off and eat.
  6. Consult a veterinarian and clarify the doubts on the safety of the toys. Remember, hardened rubber toys are durable and safe.

Toys we suggest

Comfort toys- relaxes the dog

  1. Dogs are more comfortable with soft and stuffed toys but it won’t suit all the dogs. At the same time if the toys is in a prey size (mouse size), it is very easy for the pet to handle and play
  2. A used pillowcase or a blanket that smells you can comfort a dog.

Interactive toys- interacts the dog with the toy

  • Rope toys

Tugging toys like Rope toys can involve the pet and the owner in a very healthy way simultaneously sharpening the teeth of the puppies.

  • Fetch toys

Many dogs are obsessed with chasing games with balls. Dogs can catch a wide range of flying disks thrown to a certain height making the game more interesting.

Distraction toys- distract your pet from aggressive activities

  • Puzzle toys

These toys are a gift to the dogs after solving a puzzle. It boosts the focus of the animal in an urge to get the toy.

  • Chew toys

Hollow end toys with stuffed treats can greatly kindle the curiosity of the pet. There are dental chew toys that are too hard for a dog to consume. But, these chew toys are edible but require strong teeth to shatter the toy into pieces.

Food delivery toys

Toys with stuffed goodies like kibble are more challenging toys to play. The dog must use its skill to break the toy in order to taste the treats.

Where and how to use toys?

  1. Make sure that you have three to four toys to offer for your pet in rotation. But, if your dog is very fond of a particular toy you can leave it with him to play all day.
  2. Offer a variety of toys for roll, kill and carry to develop multi-skills of the canine.
  3. Have an interactive session with your pet with the “Hide and Seek game”. Dogs always long for people’s time. Utilizing your free time with your favorite pet builds an untold lovable bond between you and the dog. Also, play a treasure hunt by scattering the kibble all over the grass area. Let your dog cherish the treats.
  4. Most of the interactive games can scale down the stress and anxiety of the dog. Importantly, these games can teach a dog about social interaction. Making time to train the dog has a great impact on the dog’s behavior.

Dog toys games

 Tug of War

Being an exceptional game, Tug of War is played following some guidelines.

  1. Reserve a toy exclusively for playing the game. With this thing in mind, you can greatly prevent the dog from grabbing anything from your hands.
  2. You must teach the dog “comments”
  1. Initiate the game with a “let’s tug” comment.
  2. Train your dog to release the tug from its mouth after hearing the “give or Out” comment. Remember that, you must not often play the game until the dog is familiar with the comment.

Train to chew a dog toy

Do you think training a pet is an easy job? Not at all. But a consistent training for your dog can create an interest in your pet on chewing the toy.

Types of Non-chewers

There are two types of dogs. The first type is the one who chews everything except the toy. The Second-type dogs are hungry and eat everything, but when you examine the teeth of these dogs, they are dirty.

Based on the dog’s breed, there are numerous ways to make your pet chew dog toys.


The only way to make a dog tempt is to stuff delicious treats into a Kong. The reason behind Kong’s invention is to divert the dog from destroying the owner’s domain. Many alternative options to Kong like squeaker bones, tug toys are offered based on the pet’s choice.

Apart from the stuff, you can use some other innovative ideas like

  1. A tug or a rubber bone with a coat of tasty peanut butter or cheese.
  2. Encourage the dog when he interacts with the toy
  3. Rap catnip leaves scraps around the toy.


Too much of everything is good for nothing. People are frustrated when they find dogs eating their shoes instead of toys. But anyway, we can fix this issue

  1. Easy approach

Place the chewable dog toy near him. Dog’s eyes will lay on approachable things. Once a dog toy gets into its hands, it gets distracted from other valuables. You must find a suitable dog toy and leave it on the floor for an easy pickup whenever he is willing to chew.

  1. Praise

You must be very conscious while praising the dog. Create a thought on its mind that the dog is doing the right thing. It is easy to feed the right items to chew when you rescue it from chewing the wrong things.

  1. Options

You can offer a variety of edible and non-edible toys like rope bones, puppy teething toys. Freezable dog toys are highly recommended for dogs of any age group. While coming to the safer edible toys, try out the Holland-made Whimzees.

  1. Dog proof

Most importantly, you must safeguard all your valuables from the dog’s reachable place because he might chew the things without any knowledge.

  1. Swap

Sometimes, your little pup might pick some of your stuff. At that moment, you can swap out things by replacing it with other items you have handy. This teaches the dog to differentiate what to pick and what not to touch.

Toys on Market

Ever entered a messy house after work? Yeah! This is very much possible to happen in a pet-owned house. Scratches on the couch, leather stripping out the shoes are the symptoms of a bored dog. What dog toys are trending in the market? Get an idea after reading the article


You can turn out the unused yard of the house into a playground for puppies. Involve the puppy more into the physical tasks with see-saw, disc, etc. Adding a few more bucks to the wallet, you can get ready-made weaving poles. The Agility course setup trains a dog to use its presence of mind to tackle any obstacles.


An easy toy that fits a dog's mouth is a ball. Catch and throw the best startup exercise for training. On the basis of customer suggestions, a company called ZeeDog gives an option to customize the balls they manufacture like floating balls, treat balls, etc. To your astonishment, these balls are long-lasting.

Another popular toy in the market is the Chuck-It Ultra Ball toy. Compared to regular balls, these balls bounce to a higher level and have a chewing resistance. This rubber-made ball has no worries when thrown on a muddy surface. They are easy to rinse and clean.


The time pass activity of a dog is chewing. If you observe, a dog engages most of its time in chewing stuff. Fear not, Nylabones manufactures chewing bones for puppies of any age. Nylabones comes in a crocodile with many products focusing on puppies with sore gums and soft teeth. Nylabone offers “Real Wood'' chew sticks to keep the pet safe. An adult size dog needs indestructible toys to chew. Nylabone power chew toys are a good choice for strong gums.


Dogs always need to be preoccupied with some activities to distract them from hazards. A simple and easy way to alleviate the anxiety is to involve the pet in the puzzle games. If your dog has cruel behavior then try out the iFetch. It's a machine that launches and relaunches the ball every time the dog puts the ball into the machine. This machine comprises three balls that can work on batteries. Several versions are available at a decent price.


Above all, dog toys are available for dogs of all sizes. This article might only help you to get clarity on dog toys. Before giving the toy to a dog, keep the age, size in mind. Once you start practicing a dog to interact with the toy, learn to observe how to react to the toys. Don't forget to note down the behavioral change in your pets. Have a look at the reviews posted about the dog toys before adding the stuff to the cart. But one thing for sure, a dog toy will never keep your pet bored but stimulates the brain and the nervous system. Please do consult a vet if you come across any abnormal activities from your pet. A happy pet can make the owner happy.

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