Dog seat belt


Dog owners are obsessed with their pets. They believe dogs are their best friends. Keeping your pampered pet aside and taking him to all places makes you feel too comfortable and happy. Generally, dogs love to hang out their head out the window to feel the chill breeze.

By the way, dogs are hyper animals; they can’t stand stagnant in one place. Think, if you drive a car along with your dog without a seatbelt is dangerous for both the owner and the pet. A seat belt is very important to ensure the safety of the pet.


Benefits of using seat belt for dogs

Dogs stay in vehicles - Wearing a seat belt on a dog can prevent them from jumping out of the car. These creatures act crazy when they see other animals or people passing by the car. It might make the dog get out of the car through the window causing damage to the vehicle and harm the animal.

Security- If you apply sharp brakes on a car or if the car faces an accident, the dog sitting behind you can collide with the front seat or the mirror. But, using a dog harness can keep the dog in place.

Distraction-free- Dogs expect pampering from the owner. While driving the car, dogs can expect the same and interrupt the owner while driving. This might result in a serious accident. Pets harnesses can restrain them in a place and avoid accidents.


Price range of a dog seat belt


  1. $5-$7: You get a basic leash attachment with a strap for this price range. You can clip the dog and the car to form a loop to make the dog unmoved from places.
  2. $7-$10: A basic leash attachment that is stronger and durable comes under this price. You can also afford a seat belt in this price range
  3. $12 and above: You can buy a combo of seat belts and collars for this price range. The detachable restraint clips the dog collar with the seat belt’s clip.



Types of Dog seat Belts



Using a harness to tie a dog to the car is a safe way to avoid risk factors like choking. The harness firmly fits the neck and clips down to the seat of the dog.


Loop strap leash attachment

The seat belt design comes with the loop that is used to lock the harness of the dog and the car seat headrest.


Clip-In leash attachment

This type of leash attachment can directly clip the dog harness with the seat belt receiver for better safety and comfortability of the dog.

Key features of a dog belt


Durable and waterproof

Most dog owners like to accompany the canine wherever they go. Using a waterproof coated seat belt makes them extremely long-lasting. This harness is suitable for indoor and outdoor activities.


Adjustable straps

Buying a perfect seat belt is an impossible thing. But an adjustable strap never disappoints you. We cannot assume the dog’s exact size and buy a harness. Instead using adjustable straps gives a perfect fit to the dog. Certain seat belts can be used only as harnesses while others can connect to the collars.


Fastening mechanism

Some of the seat belts come with ultra fastening mechanisms that lock the dog with the seat in an instant. It is very secure for the dog. This type of seat belt with this mechanism fits only to the specific vehicle model. The belt might get stuck when the wrong size is inserted with the car belt’s receiver.


Other factors to be considered


Size of the dog

The seat belt must fit exactly to the dog. Consider this as a major point. Before buying the dog seat belt, just take the dog’s measurements. By this, you can figure out the dog’s belt size. You can adjust the belt strap if needed.


Car compatibility

At times, some of the seat belts have clips that connect the belt’s receiver. Unfortunately, these seat belts fit only specific cars. Ensure whether the seat belts are suitable for your car otherwise, it is a waste of money.



Best Dog seat belts


Pawaboo Dog belts


The core-plus of the Pawaboo dog belt is the adjustable straps. These straps hold the canine more safely without causing the risk of choking. This harness is made of strong oxford fabric reinforced with polyester that can restraint hyper puppies thus making it more suitable for both small and large breeds.

This high-quality harness can tolerate any extreme level pulling that your dog does inside a car. You might think that the stainless steel might hurt the pup but the fact is the steel hook is ultra-durable and does not harm the little pup.

The wow actor seen in this Pawaboo dog belt is the dual function of the seat belt. You can still use the harness around the dog while taking it for outdoor activities. The fastening mechanism of the seat belt can protect the Fido from getting hurt when sudden brakes are applied. The detachable seat belt is used in two ways. I.e., with the seat belt, you can enjoy distraction-free driving and without a seat belt, you can attach the harness to a dog leash.

Brand Pawaboo
color A-black
Material Polyester, Oxford fabric



 Kurgo Safety Dog Harness seat belt



Dog parents like to spend a great weekend with their furry baby by taking him for a walk. Aside from being happy, the safety of the other pedestrians is also very important. The padded chest plate is an attractive feature of this product since it can assure better safety for your dog. Coming to the main point, these harness seat belts can fit for the dog that weighs in the range of 25 and 50 pounds with 16-25 inch neck measurements. Surprisingly, the weight of the harness does not exceed a pound but can withstand the heavy movements caused by the dog and the car.

This harness has undergone NY crash tests using dogs weighing up to 108 pounds to check the quality of the harness when sharp brakes are applied. Importantly, the harness locked with the seat belt holds back the canine to the seat safely.



Brand Kurgo
color black/ charcoal
Material Stainless steel

SlowTon Dog Harness and Connector Strap Combo


The special feature of SlowTon Dog Harness is that it fits all sizes of breeds. These harnesses are available in 14 vibrant colors with each color representing the varying chest piece of the harness and strap length. The chest piece is made of mesh fabric. No worries, it comforts the dog’s breathing. A 360-degree metal clip and latch attachment is the additional plus of the SlowTon Dog harness.

The elastic bungee makes the strap absolutely safe. The matching color of the harness and the connector strap makes you know that they work together. The stitches on the strap are reflective; it greatly helps you for quick release of the lease at night.

The four buttons on the strap are quite adjustable and make the Fido feel comfortable. Note that this harness and connector strap combo does not work for certain types of vehicles. Before buying, check out the models that can support the use of the SlowTon Dog harness.




Brand SlowTon
color Red
Material Nylon


  URPOWER Upgraded Dog Seat Belt



The heavy-duty URPOWER Upgraded Dog seat belt is made of materials like nylon fabric and zinc alloy. The stainless hook and the seat belt clip are rust-free. It is possible to adjust the strap from 24.8 to 35.4 inches. This seat belt is available in multi colors.

Unlike other straps, this seat belt can fit any type of car. Before placing an order, ensure the buckle size and the seat belt clip compatibility. The elastic buffer design of the belt protects the pet from any sudden jerk occurring on the car thereby giving zero disturbances to the owners throughout the car drive.

As a safety measure, please don’t directly lock the seat belt and the pet’s collar. Instead, use a pet harness with a seat belt leash to avoid your pet’s breathing trouble.



color Pink
Material Nylon


Mighty Paw safety belt




The Might Paw safety belt is exclusively designed for safety and security purposes. The latch bars are located in the vehicle crease seat. Dog belts of other brands might get loose if the dog steps accidentally on the latch bars. The straps are adjustable for about 16-26 inches. The tri-glide attachment is tangle-free and encourages your dog to move around in any direction.

The carabiner is super durable, lightweight, and strong and can withstand maximum force tension of 400kg. The belt is made of nylon material which has weather resistivity.

Anytime, you can attach or remove the belt from the latch bar, since the Mighty Paw safety belt is very convenient to attach or remove from the latch bar. This ready-to-use seat belt calms the dog and helps the owner and the pet to enjoy the journey.


Brand Mighty Paw
color Black
Material Nylon


Friends Forever Pet Seat Belt 

The size of the seat belt fits exactly to all breeds with its extended belt strap. The easy latch helps for quick release in case of an accident. The seat belt is extremely durable, made of nylon. Please note that these seat belts are designed to be used with only a harness and not a collar. With many advantages, the price is also affordable. A major drawback of this type of seat belt is that it might not fit certain vehicles.

Brand Friends Forever
color Non-Elastic 2 Pack
Material Nylon, Zinc, steel

 Points to remember

  • Avoid tightening the seat belts to the collar since there is a risk of choking. Better you can attach the harness to the seat belt
  • Consider buying two seat belt straps, if your dog is too strong. There are many brands that give a combo specially made for strong dogs
  • You must wear the seat belt for a dog only after clipping the dog securely to the seat. Otherwise, it might result in injuries when the dog gets out of the car
  • Adjust the strap in such a way that it should make the dog feel comfortable. The length of the strap should be long enough for the dog to move around and change its position. Please ensure that the strap length must not be too long so that the dog might reach the front seat
  • If your dog is afraid of a seat belt, make him think safe by introducing the seat belt at home. Offer him treats if he behaves like a good boy when you put a seat belt on him. This can make your dog obedient





You must choose a dog seat belt that protects your dog and prevents you from distracted driving. Take the measurements of the dog and verify using the size chart before adding the product to the cart.

Next, check out the dog breed and the budget you fix. Nothing to worry, a wide variety of harnesses with features and limitations all you expect is available. You must have an eye on the dog’s behavior to the new seat for a few weeks. Dogs can speak but you can get its feeling the way he behaves. Check whether he is comfortable with the belt.

A good and suitable selection of dog belts will never ruin the happiness of the dog and the owner throughout the car drive.


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