Dog kennels

 The Pet owner is responsible for providing enough space to the pet. A kennel will comfort the dog and serves as a happy place to rest and recharge. Humans have houses to relax, but where do pets go? You can purchase a dog kennel made of plastic, metal or wire mesh to keep your dog safe. Generally, there are two types of dog kennels; an indoor kennel and an outdoor kennel. This article is all about the different types of dog kennels from reputed brands. Definitely, read till the end to get some amazing features of a dog kennel. Without wasting much on the introduction, we just quickly dive into the main part of the article.

Why do we prefer Dog kennels?


A dog kennel is spacious for a relaxed stretch. The dog can run or play peacefully within the closed shelter. Keeping the dog on leash all time is an act of cruelty. So, you can let him free inside a kennel. At least, the dog can feel free for some time. In addition, ensure whether you provide the basic needs of life like food and water at regular intervals.

Safe and comfortable 

Kennels come with fences on all sides to prevent peeping or chewing the toxic metal wires. But each metal slate has a minimum gap of 1.5-inch to provide proper ventilation and clear vision. Plus, all four side panels are joined to a cone-shaped roof to protect the dog from the scorching sun and nasty rain. Apart from ensuring dog safety, kennels will prevent dog attacks and give peace of mind to the neighbors. If you are a gardener, kennels are mandatory since dogs have the habit of digging the soil. Apart from this, some plants might cause allergies to the dog’s skin. But you can avoid this by putting him in a kennel.


Dog training is a hard task. But you can train him while he stays inside a kennel. You can teach him the “Do” things and “Don't” things. For example, you can select a spot and teach him where to poop. At the end of the training section, you can offer him a treat as a token of appreciation. Very importantly, some aggressive dogs deserve social discipline. In that case, you can make use of a kennel to teach the disciple.

Safe for travelling

As a pet parent, are you hesitating to go on a trip? You can accomplish this long-term goal with the use of a kennel. There are portable kennels that keep the dog safe all the time. In addition, you can drive safely without any disturbance.


An actual expectation of a pet owner is to keep the dog in an enclosed area. Proper fencing around the yard is so costly. In that case, you can cut down the unwanted expenses using a dog kennel. It is much cheaper and takes merely ten minutes to install.  

Table of contents

  1. Advantek Pet Gazebo Outdoor Metal Dog Kennel
  2. Lucky Dog Updown Welded Wire dog kennel
  3. Tangkula Wooden Dog kennel for outdoors
  4. Gelinzon Heavy Duty Dog kennel with patented lock
  5. New World Folding Metal Dog Kennel
  6. MidWest iCrate Dog kennel
  7. Elite 3-Door Folding Soft Dog Crate Kennel
  8. Petsafe Box Kennel for dogs

1. Advantek Pet Gazebo Outdoor Metal Dog Kennel

  If you are looking for a sturdy but spacious dog kennel, why don't you try out the Advantek Pet Gazebo Metal dog kennel? No matter where the dog is, it should be very comfortable while stretching his legs. A standard crate might give protection but cannot be spacious enough to run or play. But it is possible with a kennel. With a standard dimension of 36x36x36 inches, the kennel is a super spacious private area to relax. In addition, this kennel is available in three different sizes and can support a dog weighing up to 55 pounds. The construction is durable and comes with a powder-coated finish. So, the kennel is rust-resistant and is perfect for the outdoors. In addition, the roof cover is heat-resistant and protects the dog from excess heat. This cover has tieback cables to lock the borders firmly. It is easy to assemble the kennel within 10 minutes. Moreover, the supporting corners elevate the kennel 1-inch above the ground level. So, you can use a garden hose to clean the entire kennel.

Specifications of Advantek Pet Gazebo Outdoor Metal Dog Kennel

Brand: Advantek Item weight: Varies from 19.96 to 55 pounds Dimensions: Available in three sizes (36x36x36 inches, 48x48x48 inches, 60x60x60 inches and 96x96x96 inches) size: 3 Foot, 4 foot, 5 foot and 8 foot

Reasons why we like Advantek Pet Gazebo Outdoor Metal Dog Kennel

  1. It comes in three different sizes
  2. It is suitable for outdoors like camping
  3. The steel fencing provides proper ventilation and vision
  4. It is available in two different colors (Aztec Gold and Dark Forest)
  5. The roof cover is heat-resistant and provides extra protection from excess heat
  6. It is spacious and can support a weight below 55 pounds

2. Lucky Dog Updown Welded Wire dog kennel

     Lucky dog aims at providing the best home for the four-legged friend. From manufacturing to selling, this company examines closely and ensure whether a quality kennel is delivered to the customer. This kennel is well-constructed and comes with rust-resistant coatings. It greatly improves durability. Plus, it is perfect for the backyard, outhouse etc. The total height of the kennel is 6-ft that allows comfortable walking or playing. In addition, the legs are raised 1.5-inch above the ground level. So, it is easy to remove the debris from the floor. The modular design of the side panels gives freedom to customize the kennel of any type. All the panels are easy to clamp, thereby keeping the assembly process straightforward. When it comes to roof cover, the steel-made roof cover is a perfect top fit and protects the dog from sun and rain. The gate is super convenient to open and close. Thus, the entry and exit are easy. A secured latch prevents the dog from stepping outside. Last but not least, all the edges are rounded to protect the dog from injuries.

Specifications of Lucky Dog Updown Welded Wire dog kennel

Brand: Lucky dog Item weight: 103 pounds Dimensions: 96x48x72 inches Size: Available in 6’H x 4’W x 4’L and 6’H x 4’W x 8’L

Reasons why we like Lucky Dog Updown Welded Wire dog kennel

  1. It is easy to assemble without requiring any tools
  2. The secured latch system will lock the door firmly
  3. It is 6-ft height and is spacious for any physical activities
  4. The steel-made roof cover is UV-resistive and lasts for years
  5. The overall unit’s weight is 103 pounds
  6. It comes with raised legs for easy cleaning

3. Tangkula Wooden Dog kennel for outdoors

    Does your existing kennel look odd? Try the wooden dog kennel that perfectly blends with your beautiful garden. The whole kennel is painted with reddish-brown coatings and gives a furniture finish. With a standard height of 15-inches and a width of 12.5inch, this kennel is perfect for small and medium-sized dogs. The two asphalts side roofs are waterproof and protect the dog from heavy rain. All four elevated legs raise the kennel above the ground. So, the bottom panel is protected from moisture and cold. The durable construction will serve as a private space for the dog to rest. The exterior is coated with water-based paint for an extended life span. In addition, it is eco-friendly and gives a non-toxic finish. Importantly, the assembling process is easy without any tools. In addition, you can refer to the user manual for a better understanding. With adjustable legs, you can even fix the kennel perfectly on an uneven surface.

Specifications of Tangkula Wooden Dog kennel for outdoors 

Brand: Tangkula Item weight: Small- 26 Pounds, Medium-32 Pounds, Large-37 Pounds Dimensions: Available in Small-28.5” (L) (Including the eaves) x 30” (W) x 31” (H), Medium-30.5” (L) (Including the eaves) x 34.5” (W) x 34” (H), Large- 33” (L) (Including the eaves) x 40” (W) x 34.5” (H) Material: Fir wood +red asphalt + Plastic feet

Reasons why we like Tangkula Wooden Dog kennel for outdoors 

  1. A classic design enhances the beauty of the kennel
  2. It is eco-friendly
  3. The elevated legs protect the bottom from moisture
  4. You can adjust the legs for placing the kennel firmly
  5. The whole unit is comes with a coating of water-based paint for ultra-weather protection

4. Gelinzon Heavy Duty Dog kennel with patented lock

    Gelinzon Heavy Duty Dog kennel is a new type of kennel that ensures easy portability. Unlike other ordinary kennels, it comes with wheels to shift the kennel with ease. The heavy-duty steel frame is durable and is painted with attractive blue. Obviously, you can lock the wheels to keep the kennel in a single spot. The bottom meta tray is removable, thereby allowing the cleaning process easier. This kennel is pre-assembled and shipped. So, the setup is easy and requires only one step. All the panels are made of corrosion-resistant material for improved durability. This kennel comes with durable slats with a minimum gap in-between to prevent chewing. In addition, these slats are sturdy and remain undamaged for any attacks. Very importantly, the patent lock is the key benefit of this kennel. Unlike other locks, it requires three steps to unlock the door. So, you can proceed with your work without bothering your pet.

Specifications of Gelinzon Heavy Duty Dog kennel with patented lock 

Brand: Gelinzon Item weight: 93 pounds Dimensions: 42 x 31 x 9 inches Material: Heavy square tube

Reasons why we like Gelinzon Heavy Duty Dog kennel with patented lock 

  1. It is made of a heavy-duty steel frame and comes with a non-toxic finish
  2. The patented lock system will securely lock the door
  3. It comes with four caster wheels for easy transportation
  4. The plastic tray is detachable for cleaning the debris
  5. The assembly process is easy
  6. It comes with a warranty of three years

5. New World Folding Metal Dog Kennel

  Are you looking for a secured private crate for your beloved pet? Check out the New World Folding Metal Dog Kennel. The large door comes with a swing-through design for easy entry and exit. All four side panels come with fencing to prevent chewing the steel slats. All the slats are coated in black for rust resistivity. In addition, the slats have gaps to provide clear vision and ventilation. This kettle is foldable and saves enough space for your living room. It is lightweight and comes with heavy-duty slide-bolt latches. At the bottom, there is a removable plastic tray. So, you can slide out the tray to remove the debris.

Specifications of New World Folding Metal Dog Kennel 

Brand: New World Item weight: 33.05 pounds Dimensions: 42 x 28 x 30 inches Material:  Plastic, metal

Reasons why we like New World Folding Metal Dog Kennel 

  1. The steel frame design is durable and lasts for years
  2. It is available with two door options (single and double door)
  3. It is lightweight for easy portability
  4. This kennel is foldable and space-saving

6. MidWest iCrate Dog kennel

  Want to teach some discipline to your dog? You can buy a double door iCrate from the house of MidWest for a quality training session. This two-door crate features a free divide for adjusting the living space as the puppy grows. In addition, there is a durable, removable plastic pan at the bottom. So, you can easily clean the debris using a dishwasher. The assembly process is straightforward and takes merely 10 minutes to install. Plus, no tools are required during the entire assembly process. This crate is made of strong metal and protects the dog. As a pet owner, none like to treat their furry friend like a caged animal. On the other hand, you must keep the guest comfortable while dining. In that case, you can use this comfortable crate to keep the pet safe. If not in use, you can fold the crate and ensure more space in the living room. It securely locks the dog inside the crate since it comes with a double door and safety latch system. It is lightweight and weighs only about 33 pounds. So, you can easily lift and fold while cleaning the crate. Unlike other crates, Midwest dog crates come with a pair of bowls, a QuietTime Fleece Bed and a cover. You can offer him food and water periodically. Very importantly, these bowls are placed on the holders for easy feeding. Plus, you can remove the bowls for cleaning. An easy-to-use crate cover will protect the dog from harmful sun rays and dust. The QuietTime Fleece Bed is too soft and serves as a comfy bed for relaxation. You can do either dry wash or machine wash the bed weekly to maintain the dog's hygiene.

Specifications of MidWest iCrate Dog kennel

Brand: MidWest Item weight: 17.6 Pounds Dimensions: 30 x 19 x 21 inches Material: Polyester; fleece

Reasons why we like MidWest iCrate Dog kennel

  1. It is available in seven different sizes and colors
  2. The durable steel frame provides a secured protection
  3. It is foldable and easy to transport
  4. This crate comes with a pair of bowls, a QuietTime Fleece Bed and cover
  5. It is lightweight and spacious
  6. The installation is easy

7. Elite 3-Door Folding Soft Dog Crate Kennel

  If you are looking for a travel-friendly dog kennel then Elite 3-Door Folding Dog kennel is a wise choice. The kennel sides are soft and keep the dog comfortable throughout the journey. Although the material is soft, there is no compromise in durability and quality. Thai dog crates are available in different sizes (20-40-inch). So, you can choose the kennel based on the dog’s size. The steel frame design is durable and will remain undamaged for years. When it comes to comfort, the Elite 3-door folding Soft dog crate is unbeatable. It comes with a three-mesh design. So, you can put the put through any of the side doors (top, front and side) to keep him comfortable while travelling. Very importantly, the accessories like hand carrying straps, adjustable padded shoulder straps and handle comes with the product. You can fold the crate when it is not in use. Since it is similar to a travel bag, you can store it easily inside a wardrobe. It is available in five different colors with a warranty of two years.

Specifications of Elite 3-Door Folding Soft Dog Crate Kennel

Brand: EliteField Item weight: 14.47 pounds Dimensions: 42 x 28 x 31 inches Material: Steel

Reasons why we like Elite 3-Door Folding Soft Dog Crate Kennel

  1. The zipper lock is durable and can keep the dog safely
  2. The steel frame is lightweight and lasts for years
  3. It comes with three mesh doors for better convenience
  4. It is available in different sizes and colors
  5. This crate comes with a warranty of two years
  6. It is foldable and is space-saving

8. Petsafe Box Kennel for dogs

  Are you running out of budget to construct a fence? No worries, You can buy a 10x10 dog kennel from Pet safe. This manufacturer is very much concerned about the quality and makes use of quality materials. In addition, the company is best known for manufacturing pet-related products. A 10x10 kennel is tall and spacious and allows a complete body stretch without hitting the corners. Plus, the dog can walk, run or play conveniently. Although this kennel assembly looks complicated, it is easy to set up. The gate is pre-assembled, so that you need to screw the corners for the whole setup. If you have two pets, buying two separate kennels burns your cash. In that case, this kennel is a perfect solution. Yes, it can hold two or more dogs without sacrificing space. Moreover, it is available at an affordable price.

Specifications of Petsafe Box Kennel for dogs 

Brand: FENCEMASTER Item weight: 135 Pounds Dimensions: 77 x 16 x 7.2 inches Material: Alloy Steel

Reasons why we like Petsafe Box Kennel for dogs 

  1. It is budget-friendly
  2. The setup is easy and simple with a pre-assembled gate
  3. You can allow two or more dogs inside the kennel
  4. This kennel is durable and spacious
  5. The gate firmly locks the dog inside the fence
  6. The premium quality galvanized steel is coated with rust-resistant paint

Buying Guide - Dog kennel 

Dogs don't come in standard sizes. So does the kennel. It comes in different sizes and types. You can choose the best for your pet. In addition, the place you are planning to keep the kennel also matters. If you need to keep them indoors, you can prefer indoor kennels. On the other side, you keep your pup with you all the time then go with outdoor kennels.  

Indoor dog kennels Vs Outdoor dog kennels

You can have an indoor kennel to spend valuable time with your beloved pup. Yes, you can teach social discipline to the pooch. After the training session, you can keep the door open all the time. So, the dog can go inside and relax when it wishes to do so. Whenever you are looking for an outdoor dog kennel, check whether it is lightweight, travel-friendly and portable. In addition, ensure whether the roof cover is heat resistant and the floor is waterproof.  

Final Thoughts 

We hope that you have got an understanding of the dog kennels. All the kennels, as mentioned above are top-rated by customers. For more clarity, you can refer to the product's specifications before ordering on the ecommerce sites.            

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