Dog Collars -The Ultimate Buying Guide

Are you looking for a Dog Collar? Then, this is the article for you. You can find numerous dog collars on the market today. Are you confused? Which one to choose? The Dog Collar available in different colors, sizes, widths, and designs. Unfortunately, many dog owners make a common mistake while choosing and practicing with a Dog Collar simply because they are not knowledgeable about a Dog Collar. However, it is necessary to know the aspects of it before purchasing. We have researched much to write this article. It will be beneficial not only for the Dog owners but also professional trainers, shop owners, groomers of vets, etc. Also, for the dog to have a suitable and comfortable collar. Here is the buying guide for the Dog Collar. Let us break them one by one.

How to Size your Dog Collar

Before buying a Dog Collar, it is crucial to know the neck size of the Dog. Usually, measuring tape or shoestring can be used for the measurement. All you need to do is wrap the measuring tape around a dog's neck between the collar bone and ears to know the size. And buy a collar with 2 inches extra from the measurements. While putting a Dog Collar on Dog, use your two fingers between the collarbone and body, and tight enough as much it needs that not to slip over the Dog's head, but loose enough not to choke or strangle a dog.

Types of Collars

Along with size, you need to consider Dog's daily activities to choose the right Collar as it is available a lot today. You can have different types on hand for various uses. Here are some kinds of Dog Collars for your reference.
  1.     Standard

Standard is a common type, easy to put and remove on Dog's neck. It comes in both simple and fashionable. They are mostly leather and nylon but also available in plastic or metal buckles. It can be the best choice for a dog with something that needs to hold as ID tags.
  1.     Martingales and Chain Collars (Training Collars)

Choke chains are non-recommendable because they can damage a dog's neck if it is not used correctly. However, many are still arguing that they are useful for stubborn dogs to lead appropriately. However, there are several alternative types out there, such as the martingale collar. Today, many trainers follow force-free training techniques that reduce the need for some collars like choke, pinch, remote, or shock collars. As mentioned, Martingale collars can be efficient for all types of Dogs, safer, and more comfortable. This type is half nylon and chain, making a collar uncomplicated up to a certain amount to pull. So, you will never create any damages to your Dog's esophagus. They are also available in fabric designs. So, it is the best option for those who need a Collar with softer material and for dogs with long hair to avoid pulling any fur out. We advised you to size your Dog's neck before buying it.
  1.    LED Collars

LED Collar is ideal for allowing a Dog walk in the dark, early morning, or evening. It comes in either concrete or flashlights and reflective material, making everyone see them even at night. So, there is no compulsion to keep them with you always when you are out for a walk outside. Also, many Standard Collars come with reflective safety strips and its detachable lights or reflectors fit many types of Collars. You can separately purchase them when you go with other options.
  1.     Water Proof

It is one of the collars required in the rainy season and for all outdoor activities. It is a soft material Collar with waterproof, making it comfortable enough to wear it all time, or for rainy days, outdoor activities in the Summer season. They are not only waterproof but also resistant to bacteria and easily cleanable. Over time, bacteria in some materials are making them odor and forming mildew. So, the Dog's Collar can break at any time. However, the Water Proof Collar is durable, affordable, and bacteria-resistance. There is no need for frequent wash or replacement, unlike leather or nylon collars.


Once you have chosen the type, it is essential to choose Dog's Collar material. There are different types of materials, and in fact, each one has unique aspects and drawbacks. To make you understand, we have provided the differences between materials used in Collars.
  1.     Neoprene

Neoprene is a soft rubber material used in wet suits. It can be reinforced with nylon webbing to add strength, stretch, and durability. Neoprene is ideal for Dogs, which spend more time in the water. Pros
  •         Durable and comfortable
  •         Perfect to train them swimming
  •         Dogs with skin allergies
  •         Fastest drying effect
  •         Expensive
  •         Bulkier than others
  •         Limited designs
  1.     Chain 

Chain collars are known as choke chains, perfect for training purposes. However, it increases a strangulation risk for dogs when you are left alone, especially in a cool temp as it is easily movable around the neck. Thus, it can be useful when used correctly and harmful if not used properly. So, it can be a reason behind neck and trachea damages of Dog. Pros
  •         Effective, Durable
  •         No Requirement of Waterproof
  •         Ideal for training stubborn dogs
  •         Non-suitable for the winter season
  •         Harmful for improper handling
  1.     Nylon

Nylon dog collars are prevalent types available in different patterns, sizes, colors, and qualities. They are useful for multi-purposes and ideal for on walks and putting ID tags. Pets like dogs can have fun with various designs and styles. Pros
  •         Affordable
  •         Varieties of choices to choose
  •         Easy to use
  •         Produce odor over time
  •         May cause skin allergies
  •         Cleaning is difficult
  •         Less Durable
  1.     Leather

Leather material is classic, durable, and balances both the looks and performance. Usually, they are more expensive than other types, but their quality makes it worthier for its cost. So, it can last for over a year. However, ensure the quality of the leather Dog Collar during your purchase. Nowadays, fake leather looks and feels real, so it is crucial to explore it before buying. Such materials are non-durable and inferior products. The leather material can be found in different styles and designs such as flat, rolled, etc. The Rolled Leather Collars are mostly recommendable for dogs with thick hair to move around the Dog's neck. Pros
  •         Durable
  •         Perfect for the dogs with skin allergies
  •         Breathable
  •         Easily cleanable
  •         Expensive
  •         Limited Designs
  •         Produce a smell over time
  •         The color would wash out easily.
  1.     Faux Leather

Faux leather is also called vegan leather or pleather Collar. They are more affordable materials available on the market. However, it won't be long for many years as standard. So, it is not suitable for everyday use, but you can use it occasionally as it is the most fashionable one out there (only if you desire) Pros
  •         Cheaper than others
  •         Unlimited styles and designs
  •         Have a viable vegan option
  •         Non-Durable
  •         Non-quality and artificial material
  •         Easily washed-out colors
  1.     Biothane

Biothane collars are ideal for dogs that love water. They are produced from polyester webbing and are coated with either polyurethane or polyvinyl. However, Biothane collars are 100% non-toxic and the best alternative to leather and neoprene as they are flexible, softer, and inexpensive. Styles and designs of the Biothane are abundant than neoprene. They are durable and comfortable enough for everyday use. So, it will last over a year and not break down shortly like other materials. Pros
  •         Less expensive
  •         Waterproof
  •         Easily cleanable
  •         Durable
  •         Limited editions

Other Considerations

  1.     Buckles

Buckle styles are the most preferable, but there are some considerations to make. Plastic-type in buckles is easy to use, but can brittle in cool temperature and lose integrity in hot weather conditions. So, it is the best for indoor Dogs. However, Metal is another type of Buckles, which is more substantial and secure enough. They are durable and perfect for the dogs sized larger and which often chew the Collar. Some companies will offer buckle locks to avoid such issues.
  1.     Colour

Usually, the materials like nylon and faux leather might bleed your dog Collar's dyes, and especially, it is common in dogs with sensitive skin and allergies. So, ensure the skin health of your dogs before choosing the material. However, a collar with rubber or real leather can be an excellent choice for such dogs. Over time, it is typical of fading colors, especially when they are washed frequently. However, it can be prevented by avoiding washing them with heavy detergents. Also, eliminate heavy dirt and grime of Dog collar, especially Nylon Collar, by soaking them in 5% vinegar and water solution because they have aspects of disinfecting and breakdown them efficiently.
  1.     DIY Collars

Today, dog owners are interested in buying DIY Collars, but they have to consider some factors before buying them. Safety should always be the first concern for everything you do, so it has to be applied to a homemade collar as well. One of the most important factors to be considered in DIY Collars is its material. They can be made up of inferior products like old leather belts, T-shirt material, yarn, nylon cord, ribbons, etc. So, if you prefer them for their look or appearance, consider these factors. So, it will not last long as enough as a standard Dog Collar. Also, most homemade collars contain decorative elements like beads, feathers, sequins, etc. they may look okay in appearance but can be dangerous for dogs. So, it is better to avoid such types of collars for everyday use. Even if you want to use them for photo sessions or holidays, never leave your Dog alone until it finishes. And remove them immediately after that. Also, they won't be gone under any safety tests. So, buying a DIY Collar can be fun, but it can be dangerous for your Dog. However, it doesn't mean not to use them, but advisable to use only under your supervision for dog’s safety.
  1.     Collar Accessories

Many dog owners used to buy a Dog Collar with accessories. In this case, accessories like charms, lights, reflectors, and city tags are common and prevalent among Dog owners. However, you are advised not to use so many accessories on your Dog's Collar. If you add many accessories to your Dog’s Collar, it may increase their stress or risks such as ingestion.
  1.    Dog Harnesses

Dog harnesses are efficient for handling, walking, or transporting dogs. In fact, they are better than collars in many situations. The dog harnesses can be useful during training dogs, especially for whippets, brachycephalic dogs such as bulldogs, pugs. They can be on hand for controlled walks, training, outdoor activities, etc. Like Collars, harnesses are available in different types and materials such as car harnesses, basic harnesses, etc. But not all types opt for every size or breed. Choose your harnesses based on your Dog's purposes, walkable style of your Dog, size, and type of Dog. However, according to the professional views, suitable Dog Collars are more comfortable to wear 24/7.

Leash For Your Dog's Collar

Now, there are numerous leash options available on the market. So, it is crucial to consider some factors before buying leashes for your Dog's Collar. Generally, many leashes have been perfectly matched with all sizes of Dog's Collar. Not every leash is sized the same, most standards are 6 feet long, and others like recall, retractable are adjustable. So, consider the needs of your Dog not for fashion and style during your leash purchase.


We hope the given details are useful enough for you. We advised you to follow all the facts mentioned above before buying Dog Collar. However, not all types and materials of Collar opt for every breed. Pay attention to the size and quality of the Collar than styles and fashion. If you are deciding to buy Dog Collar online, make sure you have reviewed their products.  

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