Dog chew toys

Chewing is a favorite job for a dog. If you have a dog at home I am very sure that 90% of you would have witnessed it. Even the dog at my home loves chewing and you won’t believe that our canine loves to chew and spoils the Shoes only and not anything else. We don’t know why? Vets also recommend chewing toys for puppies who have sore teeth. A habit of chewing makes the teeth gums stronger. Most of the pet owners don't have an idea which toys to offer for their dog.

So here we are ready to help you with a lot of info on the chew type toys and which one to choose. Don’t worry all the toys mentioned are 100% safer for your dog.

Firstly, you must know what type of chewing your dog prefers. Based on the chewing style, dogs fall under three categories.

1.The Inhaler - Dogs under this category make the toy disappear by intaking within a couple of minutes.

2. The shredder - The main job of the dog coming under this header is to deform the toy or even try to eat the broken pieces.

3.The lover - Dogs that are really fond of the toy and have a gentle approach to eat out the kibble are the lovers. Dog owners are happy to see the bond between their pet and the toy.

Chew toys to avoid

Mostly, you must avoid offering foods like pi’s ears, bully sticks since it might cause stomach ache. Inhalers are prone to choke as pieces of the toy might be stuck inside the throat. Avoid a flavored treat as it can make your floor and furniture dirty.

Importantly, you must avoid toys that are harder than your puppy's teeth. For example, stay away from toys made of bones, nylon, or hard plastic and cow hooves.

Best dog chew toys

Durable toys - a durable toy can tolerate the bites of a shredder. But an inhaler would swallow all the parts and start choking.

Rope toys - A shredder dog will put out the strings of a rope toy. These toys are safe until the dog swallows the strings.

Rubber toys - Kong is the best rubber toy filled with some goodies. Only thing is to select a Kong that matches the size of your dog’s mouth.

Ball toys - Make sure your dog is not swallowing the ball pieces. Too much biting on the ball can damage its teeth.

Foodie Puppies chewing toys

A chewing toy can keep a dog busy for several hours. Foodie Puppies chewing toys are durable. These toys are very comfortable for gum massage and kill anxiety. The unique design of the toy can avoid choking. Small and medium-sized dogs are apt for chewing this toy. The package has a single toy and is available in vibrant colors.

Brand Foodie Puppies
Material Rubber
Target species Dog

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 Benefits of a chew toy

  1. An act of chewing can promote dental health. Continuous chewing produces antibacterial saliva that prevents the dog’s teeth from any infection.
  2.  A chew toy can kill the boredom of the dog thus maintaining the energy flow of the dog throughout the day.
  3.  Preoccupying the dog with chewing toys can safeguard the dog from aggressive behavior.
  4. Chewing a toy can strengthen the dog’s brainpower.


Things to remember

Focus more on the safety of the dog. Entertainment is fun but ensuring the safety of the dog is the first priority. Observe whether the dog is comfortable with the chew toys. Otherwise, change the type of chewing toy. Consult a vet if you still find if things are not working properly.

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