Chew proof dog beds

The invincible dog beds for tough dogs out there.

     Buying a dog bed is a long process. There are various factors to note down before you invest in your dog bed. You should decide the dog bed's size, features, and comfort. But there is a single most crucial factor which is as important as the rest. You should see whether your dog bed is "chew-proof" or not. This is an important feature every dog owner who will buy a new dog bed should know. If you have purchased a new one and your dog has destroyed it within a few days, then you should reconsider your purchase. It would help if you bought an indestructible dog bed and can last longer than an ordinary bed. A chew-proof dog bed is a right choice for anyone who has ferocious dogs. 

     A dog can chew its bed because it's anxious, bored, or even from separation anxiety. So buying a "chew-proof" bed is not for solving the dog's chewing problem, rather than to make your dog's bed last longer. If you don't look for chew-proof dogs, your dog bed may easily be destroyed by your dog, and you need to replace them frequently. But know that if a dog is determined, it can practically destroy any bed. There is nothing as "indestructible." But these chew-proof dog beds are hard for them to bite and make them give up on chewing it after some time. Some of these dog beds also come with a guarantee, and if your dog finds any way to destroy them by chewing, the company will get it replaced. 

     After extensive research, we have compiled this list of "best chew-proof dog beds." Please take a look. 

Best chew proof dog beds:

  1. K9 Ballistics Tough Rectangle Dog Bed
  2. Kuranda Chewproof Dog Bed
  3. K&H Original Pet Cot Elevated Pet Bed
  4. Orvis ToughChew Comfortfill-Eco Dog Bed
  5. Carhartt Durable Canvas Dog Bed
  6. Washable Dog Bed Mat by Hero Dog

1. K9 Ballistics Tough Rectangle Dog Bed

Best all-rounder “chew-proof” bed for chewers and diggers. 

Product dimension Product material Color
40x34x5 inches(large) Polyester, Shredded Foam Black/blue/green/tan

     Is your dog a constant chewer or digger? Are you tired of changing a new bed often? Then this K9 ballistic tough rectangle dog bed is the right choice for your dog. This dog bed is best suitable for medium dogs who are constant chewers and diggers. The polyester material is so strong and durable so it can withstand the dog's chew for months. The cover is waterproof, scratchproof, and dig proof. So basically, the dog bed is indestructible. The outer shell is removable and machine washable, making your cleaning work more comfortable. This dog bed has an improved quality compared to other dog beds and improves the quality of your dog's sleep time. The k9 ballistic tough dog bed is specially made in the US.

     Even after all these features, your dog manages to destroy this bed within 120 days of receiving them, don't worry. K9 ballistic offers you store credit for them, which you can use to replace your damaged one. Since the bed is tough, it can withstand rigorous machine wash too. The zipper is velcro plus and hidden, so your dog doesn't chew and remove them. There are five different sizes available, from small to giant (xx-large). This dog bed comes in four different colors, and you can choose one according to your taste. The price seems a little high, but it's worth it for its longevity. Select the bed size according to your dog's size, and remember that all dogs are unique and need beds that they are comfortable with while sleeping. 

Bestseller (lists)

K9 Ballistics Tough Rectangle Nesting Large Dog Bed- Washable, Durable and Waterproof Dog Bed - Made for Big Dogs, 34"x40", Black Pet Beds Pet Supplies

  • VIRTUALLY INDESTRUCTIBLE DOG BED: For diggers, scratchers, and nesting dogs. (for heavy persistent chewers search for our - K9 Ballistics Chew Proof Elevated Dog Bed)
  • DURABLE RIPSTOP BALLISTIC COVER: Scratch resistant, waterproof, and dig proof cover. Comfy design that's removable, machine washable, and easy to clean.
  • MADE IN USA: American made non-toxic, shredded CertiPUR-US foam mattress made in our own facilities provide optimal support and comfort for every size dog. We'... Read More

2. Kuranda Chewproof Dog Bed

Best elevated chew proof dog bed for tough dogs.

Product dimension Product material Color
50x36 (XXL) Silver, Stainless-steel, Vinyl, Fabric Burgundy/royal blue/forest green/smoke

     The Kuranda chew-proof elevated dog bed is a perfect choice for any intense chewing dog. The aluminum frame is so strong, and the bed can support up to 250-pound dogs. But this bed is also lightweight making them easy to move around the room. The elevated design will safeguard the bed's base, and the orthopedic structure will help your dog take adequate rest and keep them comfortable and dry. The bed is easy to clean and does not lose its quality even after multiple cleaning sessions. This dog bed is suitable for indoor and outdoor usage and does not catch rust during outdoor use. The ballistic nylon is durable, and any hair stuck on them is easy to remove, thus making your cleaning process less burdensome. 

     If you have more than one dog who likes to sleep together, then this bed will do you good. This bed comes in five different sizes, from mini to xx-large. Buy one according to your dog's size. The aluminum edges can restrain even hard chewers and lasts much longer than any ordinary dog bed. There are four different colors available, and you can choose them according to your home's decor. Even if your dog manages to damage this bed by chewing, the one-year warranty will cover the damage. The price is recently revised for the new edition, and it's a bang for your buck at the current given price on Amazon. 

Bestseller (lists)

Kuranda Walnut PVC Chewproof Dog Bed - Large (40x25) - Cordura - Smoke Pet Beds Pet Supplies

  • HIGH STRENGTH PVC frame supports up to 100 lbs. For heavier dogs, try the Kuranda All Aluminum Dog Bed or Midnight Black Aluminum Dog Bed.
  • Elevated/Raised orthopedic design to keep your dog dry, cool, and comfortable.
  • Easy to Clean, guaranteed to stand up to repeated cleaning.
  • Cordura is abrasion resistant, is as durable as canvas, and it provides plenty of traction getting on and off the bed. Its great for indoor use.
  • 1 YEAR WARRANTY / Outside Dimensions... Read More

3. K&H Original Pet Cot Elevated Pet Bed

Best budget-friendly pet cot for occasional chewers. 

Product dimension Product material Color
30 X 42 X 7 Inches (large) Rubber, Fabric Chocolate/black/grey

     If you want an elevated chew-proof dog bed, but the prices are too high in other brands, then K&H is the right brand for you. This K&H elevated pet cot is budget-friendly and does its work. Elevated type beds are a great way to keep your dog warm and cozy during cold seasons. The center mesh is breathable, and your dog will feel sheltered and secure on this bed. The center mesh is a tester for water-repellant, mold, and mildew. This bed is excellent to carry around during picnics, hiking, and travel. It is weightless and easily portable, making it a great travel companion for your dog. The bed cover is removable and machine washable, so the cleaning process is done efficiently. 

     The edges are plastic so that aggressive chewers can destroy them. Know that a dog can chew and swallow something once it sets its mind to it. So this bed is not recommended for aggressive chewing dogs. This bed can handle any occasional chewing. This bed is easy to assemble and dismantle, and you don't need any extra tools for the process. Like all the "chew-proof" beds, this K&H pet cot also comes with a one-year warranty so that you can test this out. The edges are plastic, but given its price, you can't ask for anything more. This bed is suitable for budget buyers who don't want to invest a fortune in their dog bed.  

Bestseller (lists)

K&H PET PRODUCTS Original Pet Cot Elevated Dog Bed Gray/Black Mesh Large 30 X 42 X 7 Inches Pet Supplies

  • ELEVATED DOG COT: Raised dog bed helps pets stay cool in warm spring and summer months
  • INDOOR & OUTDOOR USE: Elevated pet bed with its breathable mesh center, is great for travel, camping, picnicking and more.
  • STRONG & STURDY: Dog cot holds up to 200 pounds, durable and tested for strength
  • EASY CLEAN-UP: Removable cover is machine washable and can even be hosed off outdoors
  • QUICK & EASY ASSEMBLY: Easy to assemble and disassemble, no tools nece... Read More

4. Orvis ToughChew Comfortfill-Eco Dog Bed

A stylish chew-proof bed for large dogs.

Product dimension Product material Color
43" x 29" (large) Nylon, micro velvet Charcoal chevy/loden/charcoal

     For tough chewers who like to play with their bed, the Orvis ToughChew comfortfill Eco dog bed is a suitable choice. The super-strong nylon fabric and micro velvet exterior are both tear-resistant and super soft for your dog to sleep. The zippers are hidden away along with the cords in a seamless manner so that your bed won't become a chew target. The plush and the cushion are very cozy and do not flatten or clump easily and last longer than ordinary dog beds. Ever since the Orvis launched their first dog bed in 1998, they have been keenly working to give the dog owners the best. And with the Orvis ToughChew dog bed, they have achieved the next comfort and protection level for the dogs. 

     The bed design is stylish, which goes for an elegant room and the material feels so suitable for your dogs. The design may be simple, but this dog bed is specially made for heavy chewers. Even if your dog chews through it, you can get it replaced with the warranty. This dog bed will also work outdoors so that you can move them across your porch. The construction is sturdy, and the zipper is made of brass, so it is difficult for your dog to destroy them. This dog bed is machine washable and can fit right into any crates. The price may seem a little higher than other dog beds, but given its construction, this is one of the best-selling "chew-proof" dog beds on the market. 

Bestseller (lists)

Orvis ToughChew ComfortFill-Eco Platform Dog Bed Pet Supplies

  • The simple silhouette is designed for dogs who like plenty of room to stretch out on their belly, back, or side
  • The versatile shape fits well in the crate, car, and any room of the house-this is a bed your dog will love at home and on the road
  • Our ComfortFill-Eco cushioning is made of top-of-the-line polyester fiber fill that holds its loft and refuses to flatten
  • A chambered liner prevents the fill from clumping and shifting
  • The entire bed is machine wash... Read More

5. Carhartt Durable Canvas Dog Bed

Tough chew-proof dog bed with a simple design. 

Product dimension Product material Color
27x35x4.25 (medium) Canvas, polyester Carhartt brown/dark brown/duck camo tarmac/mossy oak

     Carhartt Durable canvas bed is for hardworking tough dogs who need a right and comfortable place to sleep. As a dog owner myself, I know that however I might control and resist the dog, it still manages to get dirty, and you can't do anything about that. So it is advisable to get a dog bed that is easily machine washable. Most of the dog beds on our list are machine washable. The bed is durable and comfortable and can be used both indoor and outdoor. The exterior cover sheet is strong and water repellant making your cleaning process more comfortable. The dog bed's interior is very comfortable for your dog to rest and does not flatten over time. 

     There are two sizes available, namely medium and large, and six design and pattern types. Choose that goes well for your dog size and your room pattern. If your dog is a digger and constantly scratches anything that he sleeps on, this bed can handle those situations. Although this bed is not built for big tough togs, this bed can withstand a few wrecks. A dog can chew away any bed material, but this bed can last longer than other ordinary beds. The mattress may not feel soft during your initial usage, but your dog will adjust when continuously used. The corners of the bed might encourage chewing, but you can cover them with some bed covers. 

Bestseller (lists)

Carhartt Durable Canvas Dog Bed, Premium Pet Bed With Water-Repellent Coating Sports & Outdoors

  • Imported
  • Every hardworking dog needs a place to rest
  • This bed is made from the same durable duck we use on our jackets and bibs but with a feel that’s broken in from the start
  • We all know dogs get dirty which means their beds get dirty, too: that’s why this one has washable shell that’s really easy to remove
  • Size: 28"W x 20"L x 4.25"D
  • Exterior shell in 12 oz firm hand cotton duck canvas for durability Plush Sherp... Read More

6. Hero Dog Large Dog Bed Mat Crate Pad

Premium chew-proof dog mat for your pawfect friend.

Product dimension Product material Color
47 x 33 inch (large) Fleece, cotton Dark blue/dark gray/dark brown/light grey

     Hero dog was first launched in 2012, and since then, they have been keen on giving the best for your dog. If your dog always rips off the stuffing, you should get this Hero dog mat/bed, which will be difficult for your dog to shreds. This dog bed is orthopedic, soft, and durable, making your dog sleep comfortably and feel safe at home. The cleaning process of this mattress is straightforward. You have to fold the soft fleece facing out and put them in your washing machine. The bottom of the mattress is slip-resistant so that your dog doesn't move around during sleeping. There are three sizes available and four color options so you can choose according to your taste. 

     This dog bed is not only meant for indoor purposes. You can roll the mattress and carry them on your trips and hiking. The setup of this bed is effortless and suitable for dogs who are stretchy sleepers and curlers. This bed is orthopedic and can fit into any crate without taking much space. If you are looking for more cushion types for your dog, you might want to look at our other options. But overall, this dog mattress is a great deal with good value for money. The price is budget-friendly, and you get what you pay for. 

Bestseller (lists)

Hero Dog Large Dog Bed Crate Pad 42" Dog Mat Washable Anti Slip Bottom Pet Beds Diamond Style Sleeping Mattress, Light Grey L Pet Supplies

  • Soft & Healthy Large Dog Bed: This crate bed is made of soft short fleece, high density foam and pp fiber, is equally soft and comfortable, 3cm foam to prevent the cold feeling that comes from the floor, is good for your pet's vertebra, all materials are breathable and healthy, is even suitable for children’s skin
  • Durable Dog Mat Large: This pet beds' surface short fleece is resistant, not easy to be damaged but not for biting by pets, shed (pill) resistant, it is also low m... Read More


     A chewing habit of the dog can be frustrating for dog owners. If your dog manages to chew and shred the dog bed once, there is a good chance that it will do it again. And remember that there is nothing a dog can't chew and destroy once it sets its mind. This is because your dog might be bored or even from anxiety. So with a proper "chew-proof" bed and training, you can overcome this hardship. With these techniques, your dog will eventually adapt and sleep comfortably on the bed without destroying them. 

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