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We are pretty sure that you heard or know about doy toys earlier and that is the reason why you are here! Because many human thinks that dog may not enjoy playing with toys as like human. Yes It’s true that many of us think dog toys are trivial thing but for dogs they are really making a huge difference. The difference between a regular toy and dog toy is that toys that are made specifically for being a dog’s companion are dog toys. Dogs can make use of these toys during their playtime. In addition to the entertainment, these toys can help in physical and mental stability. After a period of time, pet owners can observe calmness and relaxation in the dog.


There are many dog toys that teach dogs about their behavioral skills. Dog parents can feel so relaxed when they take their pet to public places after socialization skills training. Each and every dog toy has a unique purpose and effect on the dog’s behavior. Let’s have a look at different toys


Noise toys

Dogs can get familiar with sounds with these noise toys. These toys will help to teach the dog how to react to the unusual sounds


Chew toys

The best method for preventing any dirt accumulation in a dog’s teeth is to offer him a chew toy. Puppies are left with chew toys at the initial stages for growthing teeth. After complete teeth development, these chew toys can prevent dirt accumulating on the teeth.


Ball toys are for involving the dog with agility courses. Fetch games give good strength to the dog.


Distraction toys

Toys that can distract the dog from behaving vigorously are the distraction toys. Active participation of the dog helps to get rid of anxiety and depression.


Interactive toys

Interaction of the dog with a toy removes loneliness. Games with these interactive toys make the dog very smart and energetic thereby getting a companion during its lonely period.



Best dog toys on the market


OurPets IQ Treat Ball

The food serving ball is one of the most favorite toys for the dog. Seeing the fun toys filled with delicious food makes the little puppy very happy. These balls are available in 2 sizes. Three-inch and 4-inch balls are for small and large dogs respectively. The dog will practice how to roll the ball to get the treats thus making it physically and mentally active. Since the ball is made of plastic, it is very easy to clean. Rinse and dry the ball before offering it to the pet. These treat balls promise healthy feeding and better digestion.


Brand Our pets
Material Plastic
Weight in pounds 0.26



SIDINIC chewing toy


The chewing toy is strongly recommended by the vets. A SIDINIC chewing toy gives dental care and manages the weight of the pup. Spread the peanut butter in the panel of the toy to attract the dog species. This toy is apt for the dog weighing around 40 lbs. The TPE (Thermoplastic elastomers) is a durable material that can withstand average chewing for a couple of weeks. Chewing toys can engage the dog in brain games. SIDINIC chewing toys can be used in the initial stages of agility courses training. SIDINIC offers a 100 percent guarantee on its products.


Material TPE
Weight in grams 90








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